Tweetbot 5 for Twitter

Tweetbot 5 for Twitter

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  • تاريخ الاطلاق: 2015-10-01
  • النسخة الحالية: 5.0.6
  • 17+ التقييم العمري:
  • 15.30 MB حجم الملف:
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  • الاجهزة المتوافقة: اصدار النظام المطلوب 10.3 او احدث.
التقييم: 4.5
من 3,556 تقييم

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Tweetbot is an award-winning Twitter client for iOS and the Mac. Create lists and use them as curated timelines. Create and share powerful mute filters using keywords or regular expressions. Use timeline filters to quickly reveal tweets you want to see and hide the ones you don’t. Tweetbot lets you take over your timeline and view it your way. What’s New in Version 5: - GIF support in compose view (Powered by Giphy). - Redesigned profiles. - Redesigned tweet status details. - New iconography and app icon. - Optimized dark theme for OLED displays. - Support for haptic feedback. - Auto video playback in the timeline (which can be disabled in the settings). - Ability to add descriptions to images when composing. Why Choose Tweetbot: - Create and use Twitter Lists as multiple timelines. - Filter any timeline via keywords or predefined criteria (like tweets with media or links only) and save for future access. - Second column on iPad to view other content like a list, mentions, search results, and etc at the same time. - Sync your unread status and timeline position across all of your devices running Tweetbot (Mac, iPhone, iPad). - No inline ads. Notable Features: Timeline Filters. Quickly filter a timeline to show only tweets with media, retweets, links, or create your own keyword or rules-based filter. Access these saved filters any time with two taps. Mute Filters. Hide Tweets in your timelines by specific users, keywords, hashtags, or even the client that published the Tweet. Select the length of time to mute and use regular expressions for smarter muting. Profile Notes. Ever forget why you followed someone or wanted to jot notes for future reference? Create private notes on a user’s profile that only you can see. Custom Timelines. Create and manage public or private lists and then use them as curated timelines. Tweetbot allows you to quickly switch between lists and even use one as your main timeline. iCloud Sync. Tweetbot syncs your read position and much more so your experience is seamless when switching from desktop to mobile and vice versa. Tweet Topics. Start tweet topics to automatically chain together multiple Tweets (with the ability to append optional hashtags) and create tweet storms.



  • Why it is frustrating to use tweetbot

    بواسطة xBo7MaDx
    I use Tweetbot less because I hate the texts colors when I use night/dark mode, it becomes gray which is hard to see and make reading tweets frustrating And if you could but a line or shadow between tweets it will make it easier to read tweets. Also the animation when I want to close a picture or a video at first was fun but after some time it becomes annoying. So if there is a way to change the animation or disable it completely, it would be great. In the end thank you for making this app and I hope that you will read my feedback.
  • Nice app without any ads . But

    بواسطة abdulmohsensaad
    When people likes your tweets or follow you u will never know even you didn’t receive any notifications .. also tweets for voting will not be able to see .
  • تطبيق عظيم

    بواسطة Eid Ot
    التطبيق الوحيد منذ استخدامي نظام IOS الذي أعلق عليه تطبيق عظيم تويتر بدونه لايستساغ 💛
  • No voting

    بواسطة slsa10
    Still the application not give tweets that contain voting. This is big problem
  • Best app ever

    بواسطة Dr.aliAh
    Best app ever
  • Polls and replies!

    بواسطة Sarah_A_J_
    I can’t see all replies and I can’t see the polls
  • سيئ جدا

    بواسطة Legend544
    بعد استخدام لفترة طويلة انا مستغرب الترفيع في البرنامج المضروب ذا الترند ما يتحدث و ما تظهر كل المشاركات والتصويت ما يظهر المشكلة انا الاب مو ببلاش .
  • Trend problem

    بواسطة Rakan almohammed
    I have a problem in the trend choice, still trending hashtags from November !!!
  • تويت

    بواسطة Abu mazen ,,
    لابأس به رقم ٢ كان أفضل من هذا الإصدار
  • الهاشتاق

    بواسطة سعيدبن ضيف الله
    الهشتاقات معلقه من اسبوع لم تغير