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BikeMic – music enhanced by sounds around you. Application for simultaneous music and surrounding sounds playback. Application records sounds from your surroundings using built-in microphone, mixes with music played in your iPhone and feeds the results into your earplugs. You can play your favorite music and you will get all the important sounds on the street, in the office or home. Welcome to the world of BikeMic technology. BikeMic – technology that allows you to simultaneously listen to music and sounds of the surroundings. BikeMic allows you to listen to music and remain aware of what is going on around you, on the street or in the office. With BikeMic sound mixer you can control loudness of your music and ambient sounds. BikeMic offers much higher sound quality compared to what you can get by allowing sounds to penetrate through your head phones. How does it work? BikeMic application uses microphone built-in your iPhone to get sounds from your surroundings, so you are aware of what is going on. In the same time, you can launch any music player available on iPhone (mp3 player or streaming service for example) to listen to whatever you like. From now on you will hear both music and ambient sounds and application slide bars allow you control volume of both sources of sound. From now on: • When cycling you will not be surprised by overtaking cars • When working in headphones you will not miss someone calling you • When at home with toddler you can freely relax with you favoring music while baby is sleeping, you will not miss its cry • You can maintain situational awareness while enjoying your playlists How to use it? It is time to play some music now. Plug the headphones into iPhone, press HOME and select your preferred music player, then, open up Bike Mic app and turn microphone on by tapping switch in the middle of the screen. You should hear both music and ambient sounds now. VOLUME slider lets you control sound level INPUT field allows you to select which microphone is used. Default would be to use built-in microphone but if your headphones are also equipped with microphone you are free to use it as well. Try it yourself and decide which is more convenient for your purpose. In bottom –right corner you will find MIXER icon, allowing you to control microphone mode. “Normal volume” mode could be used when music shall be louder than ambient sounds (i.e. when cycling). “Louder than other apps” mode could be used when ambient sounds shall be louder than music (i.e. when attending a lecture) To turn off the microphone tap the central switch again. Enjoy music mixed with ambient sound, provided by BikeMic technology. Advanced features By buying advanced feature set you also disable time block in BikeMic app. To check advanced features, start BikeMic app, tap SETTINGS icon (cogwheel) and navigate to advanced tab. VOLUME BOOST opting gives you extra gain to your microphone amplifier when your standard loudness is not enough. Useful for eavesdropping. HIGH PASS FILTER CUTOFF & LOW PASS FILTER CUTOFF is an equalizer that allows you to filter out unwanted noises. STEREO SIMULATION changes you monophonic microphone into stereophonic on by applying special algorithm that tricks your brain letting it feel that sounds are coming from different direction. Check that it really works! Where to attach your phone? Experience shows that in case of sport activities, i.e. cycling, best place to put your phone is your back. It could be pocket in your backpack or organizer belt. It is like that for two reasons: • First, you shield microphone against wind gusts with your own body • Second, in the most interesting sounds, are coming from things that you don’t see in front of you Finally, I would like to thank you for using BikeMic application. If you like it, share it with your friends and let them check how it works. Find out more about BikeMic by visiting our website: Cheers, Marcin Stolarski MSL Laboratory with N7 Mobile Team