Loops - Your Live Playground

Loops - Your Live Playground

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Loops Live is the best platform to live stream your life moments, show case your talents and interact with your fans. Hundreds of top celebrities, social media influencers and entertainment stars go live occasionally to update their status and talk to their loyal fans. In Loops, we have a lot unique functions: - Live games: You will be able to play interesting games with your viewers together when you are live streaming. - Multi-Guest Video: You will be able to experience the most interesting Multi-Guest Video function with other users to co-host your live stream - Unique Gifts: Stunning animated gifts can be sent out to broadcasters to express your love - Earn Diamonds: Have the freedom to GO LIVE anytime anywhere to attract more fans and earn precious diamonds when you receive gifts - Upcoming Live: Super Stars and top influencers are able to schedule a broadcast in advance, subscribe to get notified! - Explore: You will be able to explore top broadcasters and top live streaming at explore page - Leaderboard: Unleash your potential to be listed into the power ranking leaderboard to be exposed more and attract more fans Stay tuned for more exciting new features and top influencers to show up in Loops. Website: https://www.loopslive.com Thanks for using Loops and enjoy Looping! Loops - Your Live Playground!



  • 👻XXXX_F16 سنابي

    بواسطة noon_F16
    👻XXXX_F16 سنابي
  • ALnaaif

    بواسطة alnaaif
    The new version of a great game that is so fun I would love it more if you could see how it works with it to play with friends or play with me and I will give you my phone and then you get to play with it to get to where I am now and then you get it and then I can play with it all
  • ممتاز

    بواسطة بوتيكات
    جداً حبيت التطبيق
  • السعوديه-الشرقيه

    بواسطة Abunorah
    البرنامج جدا روعه.
  • جميل

    بواسطة نَوّاف
    البرنامج جميل جدا
  • حلو جدا وجميل

    بواسطة ساره السهلي
    حلوجدا وجميل
  • اللوبس

    بواسطة W....r
    برنامج رائع جدا سهل الاستخدام
  • Great app to meet new people

    بواسطة 3nfowan
    I am have so much fun using this app to live stream. I loop on daily basis.. it becomes much better after the last update.. i am lovin loops
  • جميل جدا و رائع

    بواسطة Turkii1551
    شكرا لجهودكم من اجمل المواقع و اقواها على الإطلاق
  • Coins aren't counted even if you earn it

    بواسطة Fahad4066
    Bad services they provide , I used the app and played games , Earned coins and didn't get anything , Not even level up Also if you follow someone , you can't get in touch with him\her in private, So bad I wish if they fix these things so we can Enjoy looping as loopers 🙄