WNNA: Nearby Food, Places, Fun

WNNA: Nearby Food, Places, Fun

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What should I do today? What should I do right now? If you are asking yourself these questions often try WNNA – The Nearby App which is a recommendation engine for different lifestyle categories like: restaurants, cafes, movies and much more. Thus, with WNNA you will never be bored and you’ll always know where to eat, shop, drink coffee, go to the movies and much more. GET EXCELLENT RECOMMENDATIONS FOR YOUR DAILY ACTIVITIES It doesn’t matter if you need to eat or go shopping, or simply do something interesting, WNNA is here to help. With its intuitive interface, all you need to do is tap on a certain activity and you’ll get the best recommendations. From shopping recommendations, to coffee and restaurant recommendations, you’ll get specific info for the place and decide whether you want to visit it. THE ULTIMATE NEAR ME APP WNNA is the ultimate near me app because it is so simple, yet it is extremely helpful for anyone. The recommendation engine is based on different sources, which guarantees the relevancy of the recommendations. No more plain and irrelevant answers to the questions like “what should I do right now”. WNNA promote activity and the best recommendations for anyone in few seconds! WEBSITES, PHONES, DIRECTIONS The near me app lists all the locations/businesses/restaurants/cafes/malls etc. according to the proximity of your location. It then suggest how far are these locations from you. When you want to check few of the locations, you can tap and directly call them or see their website and offerings. Thus, all needed information about the businesses can be gathered within the app. WHAT CAN BE FOUND Literally everything. Use it when you want to perform searches like restaurants near me, cafe near me, coffee shops near me. Searching for where to eat or where to drink or go out and even find nearby jobs courses, this has never been easier and relevant. This is one of the best recommendations apps you will ever use! It goes deep with your searches with additional parameters after you select a certain category. Example when you ask for where to eat recommendations, it will suggest places depending whether you want to eat Italian, French, Chinese or many other cuisines. WNNA – The Nearby App features - the best local recommendations app - categorized recommendations - based on lifestyle activities - neat, simple and intuitive UI - great amount of information about each recommended places - simplifies making decisions --------------------------------------------------------------------------- WNNA is a great companion app for your everyday activities. Use it once and you’ll see that this near me and recommendations app can significantly help you with your daily decision making. Get it FREE now!



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    الفكره مره بطله اهني الي سواها😍👍
  • التطبيق يحتاج تطوير وشوية تعديلات

    بواسطة Mk098761235
    فكرة التطبيق جداً مفيدة لكن يحتاج تطوير اكثر بحيث يكون تحديد الموقع دقيق و يعثر على الاماكن القريبه بدقة ،، انا الاماكن اللي الاقرب مني ما ظهرت واللي ابعد منها شوي ظهرت عندي
  • تطبيق رهيب 👏

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    فكرة جميلة وتطبيقها كويس لكن الشي الي أبدعوا فيه هو تصميم الواجهات رهييييييبببة استمتع وانا اكتشف واجهة المستخدم ❤️