Syd Field Scriptor 2.0

Syd Field Scriptor 2.0

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Syd Field "the most sought after screenwriting teacher in the world" - Hollywood Reporter Do you have a story you want to tell? A screenplay you want to write? "Someday," you say to yourself," I'll do it." Well, that "Someday" is here! Use the method developed and designed by internationally acclaimed screenwriting teacher, Syd Field, to turn your idea into a professional Story Treatment. Scriptor is the only teaching App of its kind that guides you through the screenwriting craft to achieve your dream of becoming a successful screenwriter. Syd Field Scriptor is a teaching App showing you, step-by-step, how to write your own unique story, from inception to completion! It is the perfect tool for experienced writers, as well as those who have never written before. Through exercises and discussions, along with examples from Academy award winning films, Syd Field Scriptor shows you how to take an unformed idea and design it into a dramatic story line with a beginning, middle and end. It illustrates how to structure your idea, create your characters, and write a narrative synopsis of your story line in the actual hands-on Writing Box. Syd Field Scriptor allows you to write multiple storylines, email them to your Inbox, and to lay out your story line in the industry standard Beat Sheet. The screenwriting process is demystified by using the clear and concise writing tools developed by Syd Field and are used by Hollywood professionals and filmmakers around the world. Along with simple explanations about the screenwriter's craft and classic examples from Academy Award winning movies, the Syd Field Scriptor will: - Reveal the craft of storytelling in an informal an easy to read style - Show you how to clarify and define your idea - Teach you how to extract the subject line – the action and character - Structure your story line on the Paradigm – the industry standard - Guide you through the story line from inception to completion - Mentor you in creating fully realized characters - Support and direct you in writing a professional narrative synopsis - Allow you to write multiple story lines - Illustrates the use and importance of the Beat Sheet Using the Syd Field Scriptor, you will craft a professional story line, treatment and Beat Sheet that you can send directly from your device or computer to your targeted audience - colleagues, professional associates, friends and family. "Syd Field is the Man who built the bridge that all others walk across." - Marc Madnick, Founder and Creator of Final Draft