LetzwApp -Phone Number Changer

LetzwApp -Phone Number Changer

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LetzwApp is a Next Gen Application tool that enables all the global smartphone users to update your smartphone contacts instantly, when you change your phone number. Through LetzwApp, you can easily update your contacts with any phone number you choose, including a landline. For example, when you run out of cell phone battery or having a signal problem, simply assign any reachable number that you prefer. LetzwApp will instantly update your new number in your contact’s smartphone by replacing your old number in all your contacts phones directly, whoever uses LetzwApp. No more worry about texting and calling your contacts and updating them with your new phone number. If you do not want any of your contact to store your cell phone number or any of your landline number in their smartphone, LetzwApp has a feature to assign a dummy number (9999999999). This feature allows you to update your number as dummy number, for your selected contact(s). LetzwApp has the following powerful features! * Instant Number Sync with your contacts – Unlike any other messenger apps out there in the market, LetzwApp is a unique powerful contacts sync application tool. It has the ability to replace your phone number in your contact’s smartphone directly and instantly for the ones who also uses LetzwApp, through secure authentication. The phone number gets updated directly in your contact's phone book. * Secured communications – For every phone number you choose to update, LetzwApp generates a secure OTP authentication protocol for the phone number you are assigning. This gives the permission for the user to access the given phone number. * Assign Dummy Number – This is a powerful and unique feature that LetzwApp has for you! If you do not want any of your contact to store your phone number in their smartphone, LetzwApp gives you a feature to assign a Dummy Number as 9999999999 for the contact(s) that you choose. * Invite Friends - Get a free Action balance credit, when you Invite a friend LetzwApp: Cell Phone reception issues? Low Battery in your smartphone? Make use of LetzwApp and update all your friends/contacts with the number you like to share instantly. Simply Install LetzwApp and stay connected at all time! Now why wait to stick around with one phone number, feel free to use deals from other phone carriers! LetzwApp will take care of updating all your contacts just with a single click. LetzwApp – Always Reachable! www.letzwapp.com © 2017 LetzwApp Communications, Inc. All Rights Reserved.