LearnFor CINEMA4D R18

LearnFor CINEMA4D R18

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This is a Excellent Video Training Cinema 4D R18 Cinema 4D R18 Essentials: VFX introduces artists to the Cinema 4D workflow for creating VFX and integrating them into a live action shot. Learn key concepts—such as how to track and solve a shot using the Motion Tracker—that are crucial to understanding exactly how this 3D application functions. Instructor Andy Needham includes practical techniques for removing lens distortion, importing models, and creating basic animation. Additionally, This Videos discusses how to create shiny, refractive, and displaced materials. He also covers how to use the Camera Calibration tag and Projection Man to build a 3D representation of a photograph. Topics include: What is VFX? How is C4D used by VFX artists? Setting up a project for tracking Solving the 3D camera Removing lens distortion Solving and saving lens profiles Importing a model Manipulating keyframes and curves Creating shiny, refractive, and displaced materials Working with C4D lights and shadows Lighting with Sky objects Compositing mulitpass renders