Parallel Space -Multi accounts

Parallel Space -Multi accounts

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  • النسخة الحالية: 2.8.2
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Use 5 Different Whatsapp Accounts Online Simultaneously. Best App For Using multi accounts of Whatsapp simultaneously . Note - "To Use 5 Different Whatsapp Accounts online simultaneously , you need to purchase one and only ,one time Non-Consumable InAppPurchase" After Purchasing The One And Only - One Time Non-Consumable InAppPurchase , you are accessible to use 5 Different Whatsapp Accounts Online Simultaneously. The Above mentioned "App ScreenShot" is Clicked after the InAppPurchase This app enables you to have 5 WhatsApp accounts running on the same phone. You can also use 1 account on two different devices, all messages of which remain saved on your phone. Just like the web version of WhatsApp, this App is an extension of your phone, which simply mirror your or your family members conversations and messages as they are in your or your family member's phone device. How-to-Use Step 1. Open your WhatsApp - Settings - WhatsApp Web - Scan QR Code Step 2. Open "Parallel space - Multiple Accounts" on another device (iPad Air, iPad mini, iPhone etc.) and you will see a QR code Step 3. Scan that QR Code with your phone and you will be logged in that device successfully Please make sure that your devices have been connected to the Internet and your WhatsApp has been updated to the latest version. There is one time purchase to use EveryFeature in this app. General FAQ Q - Does this app make clones of whatsapp? Ans - This app does not work in this manner as Apple does not allow anyone to copy a installed app and keep it in a new location. The reason behind this is the security of the iPhone user. We done this using extension of whatsapp web. We create different stack in memory of iphone for every whatsapp(w1,w2...) So that Every whatsapp extension contains different cookies which is required to run all accounts simultaneously. We changed the user-agent and compressed the extension So that it can Fit in iphone screen in best possible way. For Smoothness - We used different latest apple api's. Disclaimer This is an UNOFFICIAL tool for WhatsApp Messenger. This app is developed by an independent developer, not affiliated to the official developer. Usage in this app falls within guidelines of "fair use".



  • I want my money back

    بواسطة Wezzykareem
    I want my money back I don’t like the app I sent you an email the same day and I have been waiting for a respond but no buddy even bothered to reply
  • سرقة عيني عينك

    بواسطة TechnoPoint
    بعد تنزيل البرنامج يطلب منك ٣٦ ريال على طول، واذا سددت راح يطلع لك خدمة الويب للوتساب يعني مو برنامجين ... سئ جداً
  • Not free app !!!

    بواسطة Saudi hilal
    After installing it immediately asking you to pay 10$ ! .. and it is using website whatsapp not the same device!!
  • Great Great

    بواسطة Hadi292
    Great app 👍
  • Useless

    بواسطة NAIF_Tech Geek
    Very bad app, just waste of money I highly recommend that no body use it