QuickChat for WhatsApp

QuickChat for WhatsApp

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Chat faster on WhatsApp with numbers that you do not have in the address book! WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging application in the world. Every day we talk to dozens of people and often when we know a new one, maybe via Facebook, Tinder or live, we exchange the phone number to continue talking on Whatsapp, a place "more intimate" and often faster than the various alternatives. The standard procedure for sending a message to a person on WhatsApp is as follows: • You must first open the phonebook. • Press the button to add the new contact. • Enter your name, surname and other information. • Enter the number. • Save the card. • Close the Contacts application and open WhatsApp. • Click the button to start a new conversation. • Search for the name of the contact you just saved, and finally you can send a message. As we have seen there are many things to do before you can send a message, but with QuickChat just write the phone number press on the cornet and immediately will open the conversation on WhatsApp where you can send a message.