Mastering IELTS Writing

Mastering IELTS Writing

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This app is designed to help to master IELTS Writing ● Sample essays: - 150 high-scoring sample essays grouped into 3 categories: Agree or disagree, Giving opinions, and question type - Important vocabulary and phrase are highlighted - Tap the highlighted vocabulary and phrases to see the sample sentences from news - Long press any word to look up the word in the dictionary - Use translation tool to translate it to your language ● Idea outline: - 50 essays with idea outline - For example: Essay topic: "What are the negative effects of computer games on children?" idea outline: - children lack concentration on their studies - violent computer games cause an abnormal behavior - abusive language is used in computer games - health problems arise due to constant playing like weak eyesight, sore back, etc. - harm children's communication skills because they become less interactive and reluctant to go outdoor - Use translation tool to translate it to your language ● Idioms and Phrases - Over 294 idioms and phrases used in writing - Each entry has detailed meaning and various sample sentences - Tap each entry to see the sample sentences from news - Use translation tool to translate it to your language a bed of roses fall into a trap a drop in the ocean etc. ● Vocabulary - Over 700 vocabulary used in the sample essays - Tap each entry to see the sample sentences from news - Use translation tool to translate it to your language - Some examples: prone to enormous benefits it has proven that a variety of well aware of sheer hard work etc. ● Proverbs and sayings - 173 proverbs and sayings - Used proverbs and sayings in your essays to get higher score Some examples: - Failure is the stepping stone to success - Give credit where credit is due - Money can't buy everything - Never judge a book by its cover - No pain, no gain - Success is a journey, not a destination - Nothing ventured, nothing gained - Practice makes perfect - There is a will, there is a way - The pen is mightier than the sword - A friend in need is a friend indeed - A penny saved is a penny earned - Actions speak louder than words - Better late than never - Don't burn your bridge - and many more ● Common lines: - Common sentences that can be used in various topics For example Modern technology has drastically effected the way of living. A has drastically effected B Use this template to form sentences in other topics Science has made a remarkable progress in each and every field. A has made a remarkable progress in B Change is inevitable. A is inevitable. People has become more materialistic and money-minded. People has become more A and B. Education widens a person's mental horizon. A widens B. etc. ● Linking - Use linking words and phrases to connect your ideas - Linking words and phrases are grouped into categories: to introduce, to list, to support, to compare, to contrast; to show results, to give an example, to express opinion, to conclude - Tap a linking word or phrase to see the sample sentences from news Some linking words and phrases - As a result, as a consequence, - In addition, - on top of that - due to - in the same manner - in contrast - on the contrary ● Sentence bank - Over 5000 sample sentences from news - Tap a sentence to read the full article - News source includes BBC, Forces, Wikihow, The New York Times, PubMed, Wikipedia, Britannica, the Economist, Unicef, Science, etc. ● Notebook - You can write notes to each essay - Use this feature to note vocabulary, phrases, idioms for each essay topic ● Study - study tools includes flashcard, test, match game, quiz to help you study the list of idioms and phrases ● Other feature: - Search for an entry - Bookmark an entry - Translation to your language - Built-in dictionary ● Page Viewer - Browse all entries in a list by sliding left or right ● If you want to give feedback or suggest a new feature, please use the feedback feature in the settings