OLEDX - Always On for iPhone X

OLEDX - Always On for iPhone X

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  • النسخة الحالية: 1.2
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A simple Clock/Information Interface made to take advantage of the iPhone X Super Retina OLED display. Keep track of time, add a personal note, add icons or images to the Information Interface, while keeping the rest of the screen turned off! The extremely efficient interface only lights up certain pixels: the time, date and battery information keeping the rest of the screen/pixels turned off, thus resulting in an energy consumption level close to nil! Use OLEDX when you need to keep an eye out on the clock, keep a personal note/image on the screen, or as a night stand. You can leave it open even while you're moving as the screen will lock when the phone is in your pocket or turned upside down. OLEDX uses the same methods other OLED screen manufacturers use to keep the OLED screen safe. It takes minor jumps each minute (1px,2px) and the Clock Information Interface takes big position jumps each hour. This coupled with the fact that you will be using your phone makes OLEDX 100% safe. Unlike other similar interfaces on the App Store, OLEDX was built specifically for the iPhone X and it's hyper efficient, on top of that it has a HEM mode (Hyper Efficiency Mode) which gets activated if your device is on Low Power Mode, this results in lowering energy consumption even further still, making it essentially zero. The iPhone X OLED screen makes it possible to have zero light emitting from pixels that are not being used, hence resulting in zero energy consumption from those pixels, therefor you can choose to have only the essential information show up or add icons that ship with the app or add your own icon/image. You can also add a personal note to the information interface, these you can deactivate at anytime and will automatically fade out if HEM mode active. Features -Lights up Only The Pixels That Are Needed to: -Display Time and Date -Display Battery Information -Display Icon or Personal Note -Display Image -Analog Or Digital Clock -Proximity Sensor Monitoring -OLED Safe -Extremely Energy Efficient -Multiple Faces -Face color customization -Star Roofs (Backgrounds built for OLED displays) The Settings button lights up on and off when you first enter the app, but you can tap on that position of the screen anytime to access the settings menu.