IELTS Speaking English Topics

IELTS Speaking English Topics

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100 Topics for Daily English Situations: 1.Stages of Life 2.First Impressions 3.Getting Personal 4.Every Part of Your Body can Speak 5.Mind Your Posture 6.Blood Band 7.Huge Family 8.Looking For Love 9.Marry a Soul Mate 10.Getting along 11.Renting a House 12.Live in a House 13.My Dream Home 14.Household Appliances 15.Around a House:Community 16.Shopping 17.Clothes and Fashion 18.Money In Your Pocket 19.At the Bank 20.At the Post Office 21.Eating out 22.Insurance 23.Common Health Problems 24.Illness and Disease 25.Healthy Food 26.Beauty and Cosmetics 27.Shape and Fitness 28.Coping with Stress 29.City Sightseeing 30.Business Trip 31.Holiday DIY 32.Going Abroad 33.Short Weekend Trip 34.Theme Travel 35.Souvenirs 36.Cycling 37.Driving Cars 38.Public Transportation 39.Asking for Directions 40.Try Cooking 41.Special Sauces and Herb 42.Chinese Food 43.Drinks 44.Local Snacks 45.Game 46.Pets will Never Leave 47.Watching the Olympics 48.Track and Field Events 49.Ball Sports 50.Extreme Sports 51.Annual Festivals 52.Special Occasions 53.Entering School 54.Happy University 55.Test and Teachers 56.Attractive Overseas Study 57.Further Study 58.Ideal Jobs 59.Teamwork 60.The Working Day 61.Doing Business 62.The Career ladder 63.Making an Interview 64.Keeping Time 65.Coffee Talk 66.Saying Good-bye 67.Pay and Welfare 68.Office Facilities 69.Using the Phone 70.Chatting Online 71.Mobile phone and Messages 72.The Virtual and Digital World 73.Past Fashion: Letter and Cards 74.Breaking the Ice 75.Likes and Dislikes 76.Feelings 77.Party Animals 78.Saying goodbye 79.A Good Read 80.Go to a Theatre 81.Beethoven and Jay Chou 82.Talk about a Picture 83.The Moment You Shoot 84.Religion 85.Let's See a Movie 86.Television Programs 87.Show Biz 88.Fans and Their Idols 89.
Advertising 90.Today's News 91.Favorite Magazines 92.Drug Abuse 93.Traffic Jams 94.A Terrorism Attack 95.Crime and Punishment 96.Other Issues 97.Threats to Our Environment 98.Disasters 99.Weather 100.UFO $FEATURES Automatic Loop Playing ( sentence by sentence) play/pause/next/pre 2 mode: beginner or intermediate (IELTS BAND 7+)