Electronics Detector

Electronics Detector

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Download Electronics Detector and search suspicious places for hidden spy cameras / devices and make sure no one is spying on you now! WHY USE ELECTRONICS DETECTOR: # Hidden spy cameras are very cheap and small, always hidden in locations like your Airbnb room, hotel room, fitting room and toilets (especially single cubicles). # A cheap option to help you find these hidden spy cameras to protect your privacy. # Easy to carry around, it is an app programmed to use the complicated hardware in the phone to detect electronics. # Very helpful when you are renting a room, travelling, staying over at a friends’ or colleagues’ place. # Easy to use, simple instruction and video demonstration included in the app. # Low price to pay for something which will help to protect your privacy! HOW TO USE IT: 1) The app will detect electromagnetic wave emitted by electronics, including spy cameras and listening devices. 2) Turn on the app and it will display the value of electromagnetic radiation. It can be set to provide alert at two electromagnetic radiation values. a) There will be some electromagnetic radiation in the surrounding, typically around 30-50, due to the earth and surroundings electromagnetic radiation. The value could be higher or lower for different phones. b) There are two alert types, “Warning” and “Alert”. Warning: Indicator will change to amber color only, if electromagnetic radiation value is above the indicated value. Default setting is 55. Alert: Indicator will change to red color and alarm will sound (if activated in app) and vibrate (if activated in phone and app). This happens if electromagnetic radiation value is above the indicated value. Default setting is 90. c) The default setting can be changed easily using the Sensitivity Bar or Manual Input Overwrite to suit your environment and phone. 3) For every phone, there is a specific area on the back of phone where the “Sensor Area” is located. Use your earpiece to roll around the back of the phone, when the earpiece is close to the “Sensor Area”, the electromagnetic radiation value will definitely increase above the default Alert value of 90. 4) Once the “Sensor Area” is located, use this “Sensor Area” to scan suspicious objects and areas. 5) You should place the “Sensor Area” very close to the suspicious objects and areas for detection. Note: Very rarely, when phone is placed closed to hidden spy camera / device, the electromagnetic radiation value will decrease sharply instead of increases. This is due to magnetic interference. Therefore, be attentive as well when electromagnetic radiation value decreases sharply. 6) The app is designed to detect electromagnetic radiation so anything that gives off electromagnetic radiation will be detected. These includes magnetized metal and any other electronics. Therefore, do not be paranoid when the app is alerted, inspect the object and area carefully. There will definitely be a small hole for lens (record video) and / or microphone (record audio). 7) Your phone needs to be in good condition for the app to work since it make use of the hardware of the phone. # High-end phone bought at 400USD or more # Less than 2 years old # Test and check if the compass and GPS work properly before purchasing app. 8) This is a great app to have if you are thinking of searching your area for hidden spy cameras. The app works best when searching among books, shelves, clothing, sofa cushions and soft toys. Ex. You should use this app to inspect the eyes of teddy bears and all other soft toys as this is one very common but neglected location. Using this app, you can inspect the eyes of soft toys to see if a hidden spy cameras / devices is there. Download Electronics Detector and start using it to protect your privacy now!!! Note: If the electromagnetic radiation is stuck in a value, wave your phone in a “figure 8” motion to reset the magnet in the phone. Video Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUf6BNDToyY