Plum - 一个超时髦的时尚闲置交换平台

Plum - 一个超时髦的时尚闲置交换平台

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Plum is a popular high-end high-end second-hand trading platform in China, dedicated to the recycling of high-end and fashionable goods. The advantage of Plum is that: [for buyers] The number of quality commodities is huge, which brings together all the classics and explosions on the market. Any buyer can find his favorite merchandise here. With the activity of super value and various activities, we can get the original price of 21000 hermes bags by 3000, so that we can really achieve the standard of "super value" and "good things". All products are strictly monitored and meticulously cleaned by the authority, ensuring the quality of products purchased by users. Simple and quick delivery process and SF logistics, and strive to receive the first time users can buy their own products. Love fight, 9.9 yuan to buy explosive bag; buyers show, recommend the purchase function, can be back now. All kinds of product functions provide maximum benefits for Plum users. [for the seller] Provide two different consignment mode, the seller can choose according to the wishes of the individual. Protect the independent rights and interests of the seller. Scientific and accurate pricing and price adjustment strategy, while ensuring the speed of goods sales and seller's profits, 80% of goods can be sold in 30 days. Convenient and quick one-stop service, Plum will carry out detailed inspection, cleaning, maintenance, photo and measurement for each commodity. The seller only needs to send out goods, wait for money, save money and save money. WeChat public number: Plum MS Plum also want to long winded a few words: Plum will regularly update the application in App Store, it is recommended to open the iPhone mobile phone "Settings" - "iTunes Store App" and Store "- automatically download the project, to ensure that the first time experience better Plum! [the important thing to say three times] Look here! Please look here! Please look here! If the system is unable to connect to the network version encountered iOS10 users, please go to "Settings" - "" - "the use of wireless LAN WLAN and cellular mobile applications", find the Plum App in the application list and open the wireless LAN and the cellular mobile data access; if you can't find Plum App, please re start the mobile phone according to the steps to solve.