WhoIs - Phone Number Lookup

WhoIs - Phone Number Lookup

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WhoIs - Phone Number Lookup helps you to investigate phone numbers to identify the one who’s calling. Do you want to look up unknown numbers? Do you want to keep off spam calls? Features: * Look through the history of all the searched numbers * Identify caller by name, country and telephone provider * Search for unknown numbers * Find out who is calling before picking up or calling back * Protect yourself from spam calls WhoIs - Phone Number Lookup will help you to identify an unknown caller, to block spam and will help you not to worry about the one who is calling. Missed a phone call? "WhoIs - Phone Number Lookup?" will tell you who it is! Now you can search among over 100 million phone numbers worldwide. Whois Phone Subscription includes: - Spam block in your phone; - Built-in number search. Whois Phone Premium Subscription: Subscription period is 1 week. Your subscription renews every 1 week; - The price of 1 week subscription is 0,99$; - The fee will be withdrawn from your iTunes Account when confirming the purchase; - Subscription renews automatically, unless the auto-renewal option is turned off more than 24 hours prior to renewal time; - 24 hours prior to the end of the trial period your account will be charged for the subscription fee. The user will be informed about the subscription cost; - An unused part of a free trial period, if accepted, shall be revoked with the purchase of subscription; - The subscription is managed by user, and auto-renewal may be turned off from the settings of the user’s account. Links - Privacy Policy: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1me_twXbYCQxNz3I_xOlqA2WpVN2EWRKXQP4mKullnOw - Terms of Use: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1X2mJlBqFRSoA1br41eUhQmlgQPcEvIC8pWwh5z8Ky04