Export Contacts Lite

Export Contacts Lite

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Export contacts to XLSX, PDF, VCF and HTML. Very easy to use by clicking Export Now. Supported Format Excel XLSX, PDF, VCF and HTML Export Fields * XLSX. All Fields. Given Name, Family Name, Full Name, Phones, Emails, Instant Messages, Social Profiles, Birthday, Organization, Department, Job Title, Addresses, Dates, URLs, Note, Middle Name, Nickname, Name Prefix, Name Suffix, Previous Family Name, Phonetic Given Name, Phonetic Family Name, Phonetic Middle Name * PDF. Due to A4 paper size, only export Full Name, Phones, Emails, Instant Messages, Birthday and Addresses. * VCF. All Fields. * HTML. All Fields. Send Files Send exported file by using iMessage, Email, iCloud, Slack, AirDop, Dropbox, Google Drive and others. Data Privacy All processes are done on iPhone. No remote server. Lite version Limits No photos. Export first 300 contacts if you have more than 300 contacts. Pro Version https://itunes.apple.com/app/export-contacts-easy-backup/id1379855903 * No ads. * Export all contacts, no limit. * Export with photos. * Filter and sorting.