Video Clipper and Cutter

Video Clipper and Cutter

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  • تاريخ الاطلاق: 2018-06-29
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Cut part of a Video and save as a separate video. The application supports all MP4,M4V and MOV format videos. Using the application a desired part of the Video could be cut and saved as a separate video.This could help in saving space.The cut video will have lesser size than the actual video. This could make the sharing easier as well. ** Select required part easily using the slider The videos could be cut easily using the slider. Just move the slider to select a desired part to be extracted. The extracted part could be saved or shared easily. You could also save the trimmed video to Photos app or to the Cloud using the Files application. ** Integration with the Files app The application is integrated with the Files application as well.using this feature, you could access the trimmed video from the File application and share it as well. ** Precision upto fraction of seconds The slider supports selecting the video upto fraction of seconds. Using this feature you could make the selection upto fractions of seconds & trim the video with more precision.