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  • تاريخ الاطلاق: 2008-07-18
  • النسخة الحالية: 3.5.3
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التقييم: 4.5
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وصف التطبيق

The all new iQuran offers you the Complete Quran in the Uthmani Font along with color coded Tajweed (Pronunciation), verse by verse translation and recitation. iQuran is free to use, and comes with bundled with an english translation and recitation by Husary. You can upgrade in-app any time to Pro in order enhance your experience and gain several addition features. * Full Quran with more than 35 Translations supporting crisp Super-Retina Display and both Portrait and Landscape viewing in all screens. * Color coded Tajweed (Pronunciation): Ghunna, Ikhfa, Idgham, Iqlab and Qalqalah. The first smart phone software in the world to offer color coded Tajweed using our very own state of the art Dynamic Rendering Engine. * 5 Font Sizes for both Arabic Script and Translations: Small, Normal, Big, Large, Huge * 38 Translations plus Al-Muyassar and Jalal-ad-din Arabic Tafsir: English (M. Khan, Y. Ali, Pickthal, Shakir, Mhd. Asad, Transliteration), French, German, Indonesian, Melayu, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Bosnian, Urdu, Farsi, Italian, Dutch, Albanian, Romanian, Japanese, Bangla, Azerbaijani, Chinese, Bulgarian, Hindi, Korean, Czech, Swedish, Thai, Polish, Portuguese, Uzbek and Norwegian * Gapless (continuous) verse by verse recitation by: Mahmoud Al Husary, Abdul Basit Abdul Samad, Saood & Shuraim, Sa'ad Al Ghamdi, Abu Bakr Ash-Shatree, Mahir Al-Muayqali, Mishary Al-Afasy and Muhammad Siddiq Al Minshawi * AirPlay support * Background audio playback with complete support for iPod remote control (i.e. multi-tasking bar) * Split index screen with scrollable Surahs and Sections (Hezb, Juzz / Para) * Tap and hold Verse Options Sheet: Bookmark, Note, SMS, Email, Twitter, Facebook, Copy or use it to view translation from a translator other than the currently selected one * Quick verse jumping using a unique and easy to use Fast Scroll display * Complete Audio controls with tap-hold FF, RW and Pause/Play * Advanced audio repeat options to help with memorization: repeat a single verse multiple times, repeat on reaching the end of a surah or select a range of verses to loop over * Unlimited bookmarks with notes and search * Support for 4 built-in bookmark categories for grouping verses: Reading, Memorizing, Interesting, Discussion * Advanced full-text search support with keyword highlighting and automatic saved search history * Quranic Supplications. See verses from the Qur'an on topics such as: Faith, Submission, Praise, Patience, Forgiveness, Family, Provisions, Knowledge, Thanks and Protection * Surah Al-Kahf reminders on Fridays * A special Stop Signs screen explaining the meaning of the different Stop Symbols used in the Quran * Support for iPhone X and iOS 11 sharing options * Much, much more ---- Already an "iQuran Pro" user? Simply ensure you have the latest version of iQuran Pro installed in order to transfer your Pro status to this app.



  • Best Quran App

    بواسطة Nourahxoxo
    This is the best Quran app I’ve tried. 1. It has amazing translation, it also shows you the different pronunciations in different colors like Qalqala, Iglab, Idgham etc. 2. It lets you set a bookmark but also different types. When you add a bookmark there’s choices, Reading, Memorizing, Interesting, or Discussion. 3. When you click on ... (more) it’s has Tajweed, Stop Signs, Sajdas, and Quranic Supplications. I loved the Quranic Supplications it has multiple choices like Thanks, Forgivness, Patience, and more. Highly Recommend!
  • Not upgrading to the full program

    بواسطة abu khaled 2030
    I had purchased this version before and its not upgrading claiming that this ID is not registered, my Apple ID is more than 10 years old ..,
  • Doesn't work after update

    بواسطة Adilsoccer7
    After the update all the verses have gone blank Please fix this I'm on iPhone 5 iOS 10
  • please add the scroll bar back

    بواسطة Moonii94
    Hello, great app thanks. Before there was a scroll bar on the right which indicates how much is done and how much is left from the sura. Now with no scrolls I can’t know how long is the Sura.
  • Thank you, but After recent update

    بواسطة د. طلال
    I like your program. I have had it for about 6-7 years. fortunately it is working now due to recent update that works with iphone ios 11. BUT, there are problems: 1. You can not bookmark more than once. You cannot reach your bookmarks except by difficult search. I like your program, and assure you that you will get ALLAH’s Blessings, rewards, and multiple compensation for your help. Please do something. Dr. T.
  • جزاكم الله خيراً على التحديث ،،،

    بواسطة ً😊
  • ممتاز

    بواسطة ابومحمد &
    انصح به وبقوه ويوجد به تلاه بصوت محمود الحصري وخاصية اعادة الايه او السوره
  • تطبيقي المفضل

    بواسطة تطبيقي المفضل
    تطبيقي المفضل
  • Not working

    بواسطة احمد احمد١١١١
    Please update the app!!!!
  • IOS 11.0.03

    بواسطة ABM SO
    Hi App is is not complying with 11.0.03.