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The perfect replacement for any Airline Crewmember who currently keeps a 'shirt pocket' flight log. It was designed as a supplement to (not replacement for) your complete Flight Data archive. FltCrew-iLog is a handy method to enter & access your flight data. Just as you do now, enter your flight data by entering Trips (which contain Flights, Crew Names, Expenses, and Trip Comments, etc.). Then, using the built in search functions, you can quickly find when you flew to a city, in an aircraft or with a crewmember. FEATURES: • Quick and Simple Data Entry: Flight data is entered starting on the Trip Page. You create Trips which contain your Flights, Expenses, and Remarks. You add Flights to the Trips which contain Times, Aircraft, Landings, Crew Lists, etc. Times can be entered in Local, UTC or a Reference timezone (selected by the user). You can include Notes for Trips or individual Flights. • Monthly Calendar View: You can view (and select) your Trips right on a Monthly Calendar. You can also add Events (like Vacation) and Notes to the calendar. • Route Maps: You can view a route map for the trip or individual flights. • Data Export: Export your flights as comma separated values (CSV) for import into your permanent logbook or spreadsheet. * Comprehensive Totals display: Show & Print totals by multiple criteria (Year, Aircraft Type, Crew Position, etc.). Totals are also available for a Trip, the Monthly Calendar, and the results of any search. • FAR-117 Calculations for flights. • Extensive Trip/Flight Searches: How much Flight Time did I log last year? What was my B767 CA time the last 6 months? How many times have I been to CDG, or... any airport in Paris, or... any airport in France? What is the Airport Name for code 'EGBB/BHX"? Show me all my trips to Germany last year. When did I last enter a remark about diverting for fuel? • World Airport Look-up: Contains a Database of over 4,300 commercial airports!... With more coming. Lookup CDG or LFPG, or...any airport in Paris, or... any airport in France for that matter? Enter/search for your Remarks about any airport. View a TAF/METAR for the displayed Airport (online only). Display FAA Airport Diagram (US Airports only). Display an Airport Area Map. You can Request additional commercial Airports be added to the database. • Track Trip-Related Expenses: Enter/search for Trip Related Expenses (with editable categories). What were my Deductible Trip Expenses last year? How much did I spend on Uniform Purchases so far this year? • Track Crew Members: A Master Crewmember List displays all crew members entered in your trips. Perform Crew Searches ... When did I fly with Bill Smith? You can also enter and Search for crewmember comments! • You can Back-up your Flight data to our web server. • Export Flight Data as Comma Separated Values (CSV) (via email). • Export a Trips and/or individual Flights to iCal. • View NOAA US Regional WX Radar (online only) • Send us your feedback right from within the App, or from our web site. Be sure to check out the additional information available on our web site via the links below!