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  • Civil Worker

    بواسطة SafSafato
    Very practical & effective tool.
  • Loving it

    بواسطة arwa2723
    Absolutely the best!
  • Well 👍🏻

    بواسطة JS 2006
    It’s good , but it has ally of ads and plus there are some ads that are aren’t suitable and plus it LAGGGGGSS!!
  • Voice

    بواسطة ChristinaLu
    The voice in pronunciation is too low even when I up the volume. Please fix this bug. Otherwise, this is a very helpful app.
  • Worst App

    بواسطة Omar Bayoumy
    There are a million dictionaries in the world. Why chose this one. It lags a lot. Tooooooo much ads. Plus doesnt work offline. Merriam-Webster is better a thousand times. Plus it works offline and has some fun games. On the other hand this app has word of the day which is 90% useless to most people. Who would like to spend a penny on this app?!!!
  • Perfect

    بواسطة DalaAtalah
    I m in love with using this program 👍🏻
  • Academic

    بواسطة Great world learn every things
    The app is very help me to know new vocabulary with pronunciation and meaning with the original word , it is my favorite English dictionary .
  • Good

    بواسطة Mumu9689
    Great app
  • Best

    بواسطة Helloirare
    Thanks so much for your new words
  • Fuad Ahmed Syed

    بواسطة Fuad Ahmed Syed
    Great App, I just love it