MobileRSS Pro ~ Google RSS News Reader

MobileRSS Pro ~ Google RSS News Reader

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MobileRSS is a fully-featured Google Reader client for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. We've built a ton of powerful and exclusive features onto an elegant and familiar design platform which makes reading the news fun again. We think you'll like it! Here's what our users have to say: "Best RSS app in the store, period." - intake66 "The game has changed. MobileRSS totally rules the RSS app field." - Mike21345 "I tried all the other major RSS readers and this one is *easily* the most functional and pleasant to use." - YesNoCancel "This app is perfection." - Richardlent "This update has brought the Old MobileRSS and the new together perfectly." - Envyzage Features: ★ Detailed setup page allows full customization of your reading experience. ★ Feed and folder management make adding new feeds a cinch; search by keyword to discover new sources! ★ Effortlessly share your favorite articles via email, Facebook, Twitter, Instapaper and more. ★ Supports offline reading. Download everything via Wifi and read news from your favorite sources on the go. ★ Native support for iPhone 4 including the gorgeous Retina Display and background tasking. ★ Tons of other features like full screen article viewing, rotation lock, landscape view, swipe gestures, image saving and much more. Connect with us on our blog at or contact our Support with questions, feedback and feature requests at



  • Fake

    بواسطة abdul_7amid
    Don't Work
  • البرنامج كان يعمل والان ע يعمل

    بواسطة abufuras
    البرنامج ע يعمل سيرش ارجو حل المشكلة
  • Has a problem

    بواسطة Mab43543
    The application is very nice , but nowadays has bug problem . So please fix it , in order to be return normal
  • useless now

    بواسطة Naif1055
    unusable . google pulled the plug on google reader لا تشتري البرنامج لأنه يعتمد على خلاصات جوجل ، و هي الخدمة التي ألغتها قوقل مؤخرا.
  • ممتاز

    بواسطة بومشعل
    ممتاز جداً ويميزه السرعة ودعم الايفون ٥
  • problem لا تشتري

    بواسطة Eid Alotaibi
    I agree with you ( Basil.Baziz ) أوافقك الرأي
  • The Best!

    بواسطة kdonline
    I tried many RSS apps and this is the one. I just hope it gets updated soon, things like: - Sharing to Google+ - Better design (More colors/themes)
  • برنامج رائع

    بواسطة عطاء متجدد
    بصلح هذا البرنامج لمن يتابع الصحف يومياً لا يفوتك
  • The best

    بواسطة Mumen
    I tried many rss readers This is the simplest and most functional
  • iPad support

    بواسطة Hisham Ghamri
    When we will see this fine app on iPad?