iFax: Fax app, fax from iPhone

iFax: Fax app, fax from iPhone

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With 5M+ users and 20M+ faxes sent, iFax is the world’s most popular fax app! KEY FEATURES iFax fax app is a go-to solution for effortless, lightning-fast online fax machine that’s reliable, secure & incredibly low cost. You can send an online fax from iPhone as easily you would send an email. No signup or account is necessary. With enterprise grade efax technology and a rich suite of online features like document scan & digital signatures, you don’t need to rush to find a fax machine to send or receive faxes. Simply download iFax and make faxing simple & reliable. As the leading and best online efax app, iFax provides an unparalleled online fax experience for businesses and individuals alike. ● HIPAA-compliance ensures security of your data. ● Sign documents, fill forms, scan documents & send fax online from your iphone. You will never have to look for a scanner or fax machine again! ● Cloud storage platforms supported! Google Drive, Dropbox, Box are fully integrated. ● Unlimited outbound faxing! Send as many faxes as you want. ● Incoming fax number! Get your own local or toll-free inbound fax number in the US, Canada, UK and many other countries with a FREE 7 day trial. ● No account or personal/business details required to send fax or receive faxes. ● Pay-per-fax or buy credits or get a monthly subscription plan for extra discounts on outgoing faxes ● Refer friends & send free faxes GENERAL FEATURES ● Document Scanner and Photo Integration - You can fax images, fax photos, fax PDF, and fax documents easily. Image, document, PDF and other file formats are supported. ● Inbound Faxing App - Get your own fax number to receive incoming faxes in the United States (Local or Toll-Free), Canada, UK (Local or Toll-Free), Australia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Israel & Turkey. Start receiving incoming faxes directly to your mobile phone or through email. No need for a fax machine. ● Send & Receive Faxes - Easy online faxing procedure. No fax machine required to send & receive fax online. Upload files easily from your device, email or cloud storage to fax images, fax photo, fax documents, fax PDF, and you can fax internationally at ease. Get a fax number to receive free faxes. ● Cross Platform usage: Send & receive fax from iPhone or any other device. Just log into your iPhone, mac or windows devices with the same account and enjoy a great faxing experience. ● Cloud Integration - Google Drive, Dropbox and Box are fully integrated. Transfer documents online to include in your efax and easily sign before you send a fax from mobile phone. ● Notifications & Fax confirmations - Real-time fax notifications and status updates so you can keep track of your sent & received fax on iPhone and Android phone. ● Professional, Customizable Cover Pages- Customizable templates to send faxes. No printing required. Add your company logo or add a note and your signature on the cover page! Get the iFax efax machine app now for your mobile phone and start faxing today! Once you go digital with the iFax fax app, you can fax image, fax doc, fax PDF, fax photo easily. Get rid of the bulky fax machine and receive & send fax from iphone phone now. FAX COSTS Costs of an outgoing fax are determined by the number of outbound pages (in 5 page increments) and destination. Ssending a fax through iFax is much cheaper compared to traditional fax machines or other fax apps or online fax services. Purchase fax credits or subscribe to outbound plans to send faxes at heavily discounted prices. For more details on costs and credits on outbound faxes, please see the Price section inside the app.



  • USA

    بواسطة AM.3E
    استغلال x استغلال bad app
  • كيف

    بواسطة ابوياسر الزعبي
    عندما انفذ خطوات الارسال اخر خطوة يطلب دفع نقود كيف
  • Amazing

    بواسطة Nice2cu2
    It help me so much, really i love it, thanks ifax app
  • Good

    بواسطة ABO YASSEN
    Very nice
  • Very expensive غالي جدا

    بواسطة MSJ1412
    البرنامج غالي جدا
  • Dr Emad

    بواسطة عماد ١٢
    Best fax ever
  • good

    بواسطة ahskh
    good application and helpfule
  • iFax

    بواسطة Shaunrenant
    good app.
  • Art director

    بواسطة FIRASAli
    Best software ever for faxing
  • Too slow

    بواسطة Abu Haitham
    2 hours faxing