Cry Translator

Cry Translator

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Now, you can easily figure out what your baby needs with the Cry Translator. This award winning program reliably analyzes and diagnoses your baby’s cry, then recommends helpful solutions – all in less than 5 seconds! Is your baby hungry, sleepy, annoyed, stressed or bored? The Cry Translator will tell you. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today! - Awarded Medal of Gold at Salon des Inventions de Genève 2010 - I love it ! A great help ! “The Cry Translator makes parenting easier. It's like having our son's grandmother there to help when he cries. The Cry Translator has also helped my husband become a more doting father. With this app we are both more relaxed so we can calm our baby down quickly. As a result we have found our son cries less. Peace has returned to our home! (…)”  Mom Patty Your baby won’t stop crying. You’ve tried feeding him, burping him and playing with him but nothing seems to be working. You don’t know what to do and baby can’t tell you what he needs. Or can he? With the Cry Translator, it takes less than five seconds to find out what your baby’s cry means. Think of this app as a universal translator between infant and parent or caregiver. Just hit the Start button and Cry Translator analyzes which of the five distinct cries your infant is making before giving you great tips to calm and soothe your upset baby. The suggestions you get from Cry Translator are 96% effective, in accordance with clinical research conducted in a pediatric hospital. These tips are real, valuable pieces of information from a studied, medically proven source. Naturally, Cry Translator is a helpful tool, not a medical device. If baby cries excessively or there are any concerns about baby’s health, a physician should be sought to determine the cause of the distress. For the five most common and distinct types of infant cries though, Cry Translator is the perfect tool, especially for new parents. Just look at the features you get in Cry Translator: * Attractive, easy to use interface * Identifies the 5 distinct cries made by infants * Takes less than 5 seconds to get a translation * Each translation is accompanied by helpful tips and suggestions * Add emergency contacts from your address book for fast, easy access * Winner of Medal of Gold at Salon des Inventions de Genève 2010 * Includes tutorial * Great for new parents, grandparents and caregivers Your baby is telling you what he or she needs and wants, you just don’t speak the same language yet. Let Cry Translator help. Download the app now to your iPhone or iPod Touch with a microphone, so you’re prepared for the next time grandma and grandpa babysit or you just aren’t sure how to soothe your infant. You and baby will both be glad that you did. CLINICAL TESTING - According to clinical research conducted in a pediatric hospital in Spain, 96% of babies ceased crying after applying the suggestions displayed by the Cry Translator®. The 4% of cases that did not respond to the suggestions may have been affected by external noise or issues not related to the five types of crying the Cry Translator deciphers. (*) Clinical Rearch published in Spanish pediatric magazine "Pediatria Rural y Extrahospitalaria Sept. 09"



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    بواسطة أبو بدر الفيفي
    دفعت فيه فلوس وحملته ولي الآن أكثر من شهرين كل ما بكى الولد أجربه وما يعطيني غير خيارين أما يبي رضاعة أو يبي ينام..وبعض الأحيان يبكي وخنا نعرف أنه يبي يلعب ونجرب البرنامج في هذه اللحظة ويطلع أنه يبي ينام..بالعربي اللي عقله في راسه لا يخسر نفسه
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    ممتاز أنصح فيه ما شاء الله .
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    بواسطة jojo_babylove
    من جد فادني هذا البرنامج بمجرد لما يبكي طفلك فقط سوي أستارات وهو لوحدوا يحدد نوع بكاء طفلك لو جعان راح يختار رضاعه لو يبغى يغير الحفاظه راح يختار حفاظه لو يبغى يلعب راح يختار دب يعني يبغى يلعب وهكذا كذا اختيار نوم وأكل وتغير حفاظه و لعب ولهايه يعني انصح الأمهات بتحميلوا راح يريحك وبغرفة ليش البيبي يبكي وسعروا فيه الود ودي أضيف مليون نجمه علشان يوصل القمه في البرامج وتري مو أنا بس الي محميتان كثير ناس محميلينوا بس يا ويتهم ما نسبوا انهم يقيموا علشان الغير يستفيد منوا أنا ما حملتوا الي لما جربتوا من جوال اخوي كان محملوا وبنتي جالسه تبكي فا استخدم هذا البرنامج وبعدها عرفنا ايش تبغي صراحه أنا تفاجئت وبعدها قررت أني اشتري هذا البرنامج وترى للعلم أنا ما اشتريتالايفون الي علشان هذا البرنامج مرررره ممتاز ويستاهل التقيم والتحميل