MoneyBook - finance with flair

MoneyBook - finance with flair

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It may look simplistic, but MoneyBook is a powerful personal finance app that offers unique features in a beautiful, easy-to-use user interface. - See all your transactions in beautiful animated statistics (turn your device to landscape in transactions view/history) - Handles expenses and income - CSV export of your transactions via e-Mail. - Easy backup and restore of all your data. - Password Protection - Protect your personal financial data. - Notes for your transactions with a beautiful preview (tap and hold on a row) - A handy overview of your previous transactions. - Simple, attractive interface. - Recording a transaction takes seconds. - Rollover into following month. - Number pad with calculation. - Edit all your data at any time. - Customizable categories. - Set when your month starts. - Switch between budget and salary mode. - Progress over the previous months. - Recurring monthly transactions. - Uses the currency from your iPhone region settings. - Straightforward operation, ideal for use on the move. - Usersettings - localized in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, Russian and partial in Chinese And many more... Since MoneyBook 1.0, we have added more than 20 new features while keeping MoneyBook's user interface as easy-to-use as ever. Follow us on twitter: @noidentityApps And for the latest news and tips subscribe our blog:



  • Not bad

    بواسطة Alhilaly_07
    We want change the currency to SAR NOT USD BECAUSE MY CURRENCY IS SAR.. And we need support the widget ..
  • عربي

    بواسطة Nassern1
    لايوجد خيارات اللغة أو العملة يعني لا عربي ولا ريال بحثت في البرنامج ماوجدت شي. اللي مدحوه على أيش ما أدري الله يسامحهم وهقوني.
  • Currency

    بواسطة KSA-011
    - You cant override the currency - you can't export - no iCloud support ... "Saver" app is way better!!
  • المشكله في تحويل العملة

    بواسطة Fahad888
    البرنامج كويس ومتكامل واستخدامه سهل، بس مشكلته بتحويل العملة لازم تحول المنطقة الى السعودية،
  • Thanks about program

    بواسطة Lifesilent
    Please add report PDF Add more theme and I want print report how can I print
  • Currency Settings

    بواسطة ابو محمد السعودية
    It's really nice and easy to use application, but I found that there is no way to change the currency from the software itself, because I don't want to change the regional settings to be able to get the localized currency. I hope that you will add this feature ASAP, it's mandatory for me.
  • Limited

    بواسطة MSJ1412
    It's very limited, no subcategories , report is very limited For me it's not worth to buy
  • يا جماعة

    بواسطة Ghmm
    يا جماعة انا شريت البرنامج من زمان بعدين ما حصلته كيف ممكن ارجعة ثانية بدون ما ادفع مره ثانية
  • Mr

    بواسطة Mansoor Alam
    It only works in the currency of area of setting. If you are residing overseas and spending in another currency this software is absolutely waste of money.
  • Excellent expense app

    بواسطة Khaled Abdulrahman
    برنامج ممتاز و سريع لإدارة أموالك. تم في التحديث الاخير اضافة دعم التزامن مع سيرفراتهم اما بخصوص العملة اتمنى من المطور ان يضيف دعم اكثر من عملة. Excellent app, still needs currency selector. سعودي ماك.