Neuro Board Review

Neuro Board Review

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The knowledge base for neurology and neurosurgery keeps increasing in scope and complexity, and the current day trainee or practitioner of neurosurgery often finds it difficult to keep up with the explosion of information, especially with the healthy growth in specialization in various branches of medicine. In order to deal with this challenge, Colen Publishing © has teamed up with Medicom Health Interactive to create the Colen Flash Review. This application consists of the following modules: Biostatistics Neuroanatomy Neurobehavorial Neurobiology Neurocritical Care Neurology Neurology-Neurosurgery Neuropathology Neuropharmacology Neuroradiology Neurosurgery All of these applications are available through Apple’s In-App Purchasing, and you can select any combination that you want to use. The applications incorporate small quanta of knowledge into interactive flashcards accompanied by clear and simple illustrations, tables and additional notes. Each card represents a mini-examination with instant access to appropriate answers. There are three groupings of the flashcards in the application as indicated by the tabs across the bottom of the screen: Full Deck, Board Favorites, and By Keyword. Your progress through each of these tabbed groupings is tracked, timed, and saved individually. This means that you can move between the tabs at any time without losing your progress in the other tabs. It also means that when you close the application and later return, your progress in each grouping is still there. You can review as few or as many cards as your time will allow. Although not meant to be substitutes for standard comprehensive texts and atlases, these cards help to refresh the information learned from the bedside, operating room and standard books.