Quran Kareem  القران الكريم

Quran Kareem القران الكريم

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  • Book :التصنيف
  • تاريخ الاطلاق: 2010-04-08
  • النسخة الحالية: 4.0
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  • الاجهزة المتوافقة: اصدار النظام المطلوب 8.2 او احدث.
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SHL info systems presents “ The most advanced Quran application ever made for a smart phone”. This is a digital version of the 15 line Quran app familiar to Muslims from south Asia. The new version has been written ground up aiming to provide excellent user experience and appealing design with actual book like interface. A number of new features has been added on top of what the old version of the app provided. A special highlight of this app is the authentic translation in English by renowned Muslim scholar Hz. Mufti Taqi Muhammed Usmani db. *************** Highlights: *************** - High quality clear and legible images. - Draw/mark any where on a page using different colors. Helps huffaz and learners mark their mistakes. - Easy navigation by Juz, Surah, Ayah or Page. - Type in the page number to go to. - Jump directly to Rub, Nisf or Thalatha of a Juz. - Remembers last page on exit. - Continuous back light. - Auto-rotate for landscape or portrait mode. - Bookmarks with bookmark tagging - Drag and drop bookmark editing - Information such as Ruku Number, Waqf Lazim, Rub, Nisf, Thalatha and more on the margin. - Swipe to turn pages - 12 free gapless audio recitations included with the purchase: Shaykh Abu Bakar As-Shatri, Shaykh Saud As-Shuraim, Shaykh Muhammed Ayyub, Shaykh Khalil Al-Hussary, Shaykh As Sudais, Shaykh Abdullah Matrood, Shaykh Salah Bukhatir, Shaykh Abdul Muhsin, Shaykh Salah Al Budair, Shaykh Al Juhayni, Shaykh Abdul Basit - Mujawwad and Shaykh Abdul Basit - Murattal - Recitations available as in app purchase: Sheikh Hudaify, Sheikh Ahmed Al-Ajmi, Sheikh Ali Jabir, Mishary Al-Afasy, Sheikh Maher Al-Muaiqly, Sheikh Saad Al-Ghamady, Sheikh Muhammed Al-Minshawi, Sheikh Nabil Ar-Rifai, Sheikh Adil Al-Kalbani, Sheikh Mohamed Al-Tablawi, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Nada, Dr. Ahmed Nuaina, Sheikh Hani Ar Rifai, Sheikh Dr. Abdul Hadi Kanakeri, Yahya Hawwa, Salah Hashim, Khaled Al Qahtani and Fares Abbad. - Option to repeat audio of a group of ayaahs or the entire surah to aid in memorization - Notes on stickys - Milestones indicators - Translations by Mufti Taqi Usmani and Maulana Fateh Muhammed Jalandhari - English and Arabic languages with option to set only labels (Surah, Ayaah etc. ) and numbers in Arabic - Hovering options on ayaah highlighting - Natural book like interface - Full screen mode - Search within Quran text and translations - Zoom - Background audio playback Please follow us on twitter @SHLinfoSystems SHL Info Systems is committed to deliver quality applications. Suggestions for improvements are welcome.



  • Excellent App

    بواسطة Sualeh
    This is really an excellent replica of mushaf with lots of handy and useful features. May Allah bless you Jazak Allah Khair. Good job keep it up
  • Excellent App

    بواسطة Syed80
    This is a very good app in Apple Store,I really like it very much.
  • Best Application

    بواسطة HR Chaudhry
    This is best application for quran reading. I thank you all for such great work. I have a suggestion to make it more useful. Taking benifit from IOS why not to add define feature in it. just like if you are reading ibook or any other thing you can select and read the meaning. Same feature to know the meaning of it. This will help to understand more easlily. I hope best for your guys and Thank you again.
  • Excellent

    بواسطة Fan of skyfire
    This is the true copy of holy Quran. This application is superb. Jazakallahu khair for all your efforts and may help you in all your work.