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IQ Test Classic

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Measures your intelligence quotient (IQ). There are 10 million downloads worldwide since 2010! Features: 1. The IQ test is a highly accurate test prepared by experts. 2. After you finish the test, you will receive a certificate of your IQ and the global ranking. 3. There are 2 tests: Classic Test and Mensa Test. 4. It will take you 15~30 minutes to finish the test. 5. You can share your IQ and the certificate with your friends via social networks such as Facebook, twitter, tumblr, instagram etc. 6. Differing to other IQ test apps, this app does not give testers abnormally high scores (>130) to please them. Customer Reviews: Made me strain my brain 5-star by Mike Nevs - 2013-4-15 Pretty good app. Hope you like to figure out patterns and numbers like I do! My IQ is 120... See if you can do better!! Good luck! Very good app. 4-star by Petmate - 2013-3-8 Clean and detailed questionaire and user friendly operations. Like it. Score equals my state avg score. 5-star by GibberJabberwalky - 2012-10-8 My IQ has been rated from 2nd grade on to meet standards for a High Potential program in my state. I rate this app a 5 because my scored matched exactly my 10 year average score. Awesome IQ test. 5-star by Mente21 - 2012-3-25 If you like to know what your IQ score is, this is a great app! challenging! 4-star by softlover - 2011-3-28 I did not have very high results, but now I know that I should develop and exercise my brains. Thanks, the quiz! Great. 5-star by Aguythatcares - 2011-2-5 I have really started to think more after using this app. And it doesn't just make you buy it it's really is a very cool and fun test that shows you a real IQ score. It said I got a 130 and I've token it more then once and its always tells me somewhere around that some number and I have token other test that say the some thing. This app was fun and really make you think and that's cool to just have on your phone but I do think more question would make it more interesting. Awesome. 4-star by My Prince - 2010-11-15 My boyfriend is a psychologist and he thinks it's pretty accurate



  • Nice

    بواسطة Fasfas88
    Good app.
  • Good

    بواسطة irav89
  • Review

    بواسطة Diya'
    Excellent and intersting
  • Good

    بواسطة Babel_wdw
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    بواسطة Gzl30
    Superb! Want more!
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    بواسطة Mizoz
    A hard test and i got 120
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    بواسطة Trioprof
    Good test
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    بواسطة Ahmadaea
    Very good for one time. The question are repeated if you do the test again :-(
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    بواسطة Hchreif
    Ecellent app
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    بواسطة IIbmosm
    It's good practic