Nine Star Ki

Nine Star Ki

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Nine Star Ki is one of oldest forms of astrology in the world. Originally from ancient China it was further refined in Japan. It is used extensively in Feng Shui as its nine energies run alongside the nine energies of the bagua. While Feng Shui is concerned with the energy of form, Nine Star Ki is concerned with the energy of time - through daily, monthly and yearly cycles - giving you a unique three digit number based on your date of birth. Nine Star Ki not only gives you an insight into character it can also guide you on the energy of each year and the influences affecting you within each nine year cycle. In the same way that there is a time to sow and a time to harvest, understanding the energy affecting you each year will allow you to harmonise with the flow and achieve the best possible results with the least effort. ----- Features: * Calculate Nine Star Ki character readings for any date of birth * View Yearly Cycles from year of birth until 2025 * Compatibility score and reading to enable you to assess how well two people would work together - whether in a relationship or business partnership. * Integrates with Contacts for storing and retrieving Birthdays quickly * Developed with Feng Shui Experts Marie-Claire Carlyle & Rachel Elnaugh