Pocket Expense - Personal Finance Assistant

Pocket Expense - Personal Finance Assistant

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Pocket Expense is a full-featured finance software that you can carry in your pocket. It is a powerful and easy to use program that will help you track and understand your personal finance. Pocket Expense brings all your financial accounts together, categorizes your transactions, tracks all your bills, lets you set budgets and helps you achieve your savings goals. In just minutes, you’ll see where your money is going and where you could save money. TRACK YOUR ACCOUNTS You can easily input and manage your accounts. All your accounts will be displayed in one place. You are supplied with a set of icons for your accounts. All transactions related to the same account will be displayed in one page so that you can manage them easily. √ Support multiple account and account type √ Statistic for daily/weekly/monthly/yearly overall √ Track balance of each account BUDGET MANAGEMENT Stay in control and monitor your spending with the help of this budget tracker feature. Set yourself a limit and debit all your payments. You can always see how much money is left until your budget is gone and whether you might better postpone a purchase. Over time this should help to save some money instead of going into dept. √ Support multiple budgets √ See your income and expenses of one budget through charts √ Recurring and non-recurring budget √ Move funds from one budget to another in a single operation √ At the end of each cycle, all information for a budget is archived and can be easily viewed for comparative purpose TRACK YOUR BILLS Pocket Expense will make sure that you’re never late for even one bill. By tracking each bill, which is customizable with different reminder alert periods. √ Support multiple bills of different recurring √ Set alerts to remind you of which bills are close to due dates or overdue √ Allows for the payment of bills in full or in part √ Support multiple payments of each bill √ Support calendar view √ Show total amount of all and overdue bills √ Mark bills with icons according to their status Other Key features: - Password protection - Simple, attractive interface - Payers & payees management - Category management - Provide help document - Powerful statistics and reports of all your transactions - Quickly search for transactions and edit from the same screen - Complete world currency list - Backup and restore all your data over WiFi If you have any problems or suggestions please send a mail to expense5@appxy.com, you’ll get the response in a short time.



  • Not currently supporting

    بواسطة Hireyaka
    Sumbody changes data from in side
  • Very useful

    بواسطة Farru282
    THE BEST POCKET EXPENSE APP IN MARKET !!! But its being crashed in ios 11.1.2 Any updates ???
  • Please Update the app to add time for expenses

    بواسطة Siraj_Alquraish
    The app is very nice but it would be better if we can select the time beside the date for each expense, as some of them not well chronologically organized.
  • A1

    بواسطة Sam:) :-/
  • Very useful and practical

    بواسطة Bakier
    Very useful app and sync is excellent
  • Very good

    بواسطة Abdullatheef
    I like it very much
  • Disappointed with the last update

    بواسطة #SAW#
    I have used this app for more than 3 years. I am a Pro user. After last update in December 2016 all my previous transactions were messed up. I think this is because some income/expense categories were changed. 'Cash' income was removed and 'Dining' was replaced with 'Eating Out'. I have no problem with these changes. But the previous transactions under these categories were jumbled up and the balance is grossly wrong. I have mailed the developers one week ago without any response. I am very disappointed with their ignorance of my mail even though I'm a paid user.
  • Woooow

    بواسطة Teeeeeeeefa
    Very nice
  • I thought it was amazing app

    بواسطة secret24
    At first I thought it was an amazing app. Then suddenly it asked me to log in and I lost 6 months worth of data that I have input on this app. I emailed on that day when I lost all that data and up to now. No answer and my data has not been recovered
  • Awesome Application

    بواسطة Tala hamad
    The Application is great however I faced an issue where I lost all my Data which is a big failure if it cannot be recovered.. It's been 2 weeks now and I emailed them for my issue with no response, all my data was lost and I didn't have a back up and now I'm financially lost..