Cellular Network Signal Finder

Cellular Network Signal Finder

Giacomo Balli المطور

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  • تاريخ الاطلاق: 2011-07-06
  • النسخة الحالية: 7.2
  • 4+ التقييم العمري:
  • 7.44 MB حجم الملف:
  • Giacomo Balli المطور:
  • الاجهزة المتوافقة: اصدار النظام المطلوب 9.0 او احدث.
التقييم: 3
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Use this amazing app to easily pinpoint and identify all the carrier towers around you. Often these are in plain sight but other times, they're disguised as trees or on top of roofs. This app will be priceless to you if often find yourself in remote areas or enjoy hiking and camping. It's hard to go a long time without communicating or sometimes there are emergencies. With this app you can see where your carrier towers are located so you can easily improve your cell phone reception. Also, you will be able to view additional details about the towers.



  • لماذا تحول البرنامج الى غير مجاني

    بواسطة Aboayob
    لقد تغير البرنامج ولا استطيع استخدام كما كان
  • Doesn't work after latest update

    بواسطة XzLight
    It keeps refreshing and becomes very slow. Beside you have to pay for each time.
  • not so good app

    بواسطة 0560608325
    I bought this app it gave me what i needed, (locating carrier towers) but the deal is you constantly pay for each search or for carrier tower details or almost any feature in the app you must pay and that is really annoying.
  • very bad app not working

    بواسطة Binniser
    the app not working and my money not return why? any buddy answer me
  • حرامي ابن المنيوكة

    بواسطة Abo nadeen
    حـــٌرامي ابن المنيوكة 😳😂 طالع واكل نازل 🤕 واكل فلوووس تفوا على هيك برامج وعلى اللي جابك للاب ستور وكمان تفوا 🙃...
  • This app is the worst app ever

    بواسطة آبـﮯـّـﮧــوٍ فُـﮯـﮧــصًوٍّلْ
    I bought the app for 14SAR, and even inside the app i have to pay for each time to use full power and it show nothing. That is cheating 👎🏻
  • Problems in the application

    بواسطة Key hearts
    After the last update program became request an update to the latest version which is already updated please speed reform program
  • Prompts for update then crashes

    بواسطة Muainimh
    It always prompts for a new update and then crashes. I guess this bug should be fixed.
  • نصب

    بواسطة فارس٦٢٠
    نصابين سرقو من فيزتي ٤ مرات
  • ا

    بواسطة مرحباً حياك
    كويس علا كيفك