Talking Abu Youssef - Lite

Talking Abu Youssef - Lite

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There is lot of talking things on the App Store. Yet, you will never see anything like Abu Youssef. Starting his name, the whole way long to the way he behaves, and possibilities you have with him, you can simply realize how Abu Youssef is the best match to Arab Culture. Abu Youssef politely greets you, goes to Prayers, and eats properly. He never farts, burbs, or even hurt anyone. Abu Youssef believes that we can make a lot of fun, and still manage to be descent. * Main Fun * → Talk to Abu Youssef and he will repeat in his funny voice. → Use the Mic to talk to Abu Youssef with your normal voice and let Abu Youssef reply with his funny voice to make amazing & funny conversations. → Tap the Phone Button and have a phone conversation with Abu Youssef. → Tap action buttons to watch Abu Youssef do his funny actions, i.e. run, eat, nap, etc. → Tap & hold Abu Youssef to lift him up in the air. If he’s being naughty, just punch him in the face and he will draw himself up. → Record videos of Abu Youssef and share them on YouTube, Facebook or send them to your friends and family via email or MMS. * IMPORTANT * → iPod Touch 1st, 2nd & 3rd generation owners: Your earphones must have a microphone. Otherwise, Abu Youssef will not be able to hear you!



  • جاري التحميل

    بواسطة ٧مايو
    انشاء الله انه حلو 👍👍👍
  • Very nice

    بواسطة Zooka82
    Thank you Tareq for this new added value to you set of products. I would like to know how I can communicate with you. I have something in mind i need to do.
  • (: رغود

    بواسطة طيور الجنة
    يع يع يع يع على زق يجيب المرض والله مايستحق نجمة وحدة🙌مالت
  • الوادي الاخضر(المفقود)

    بواسطة الامعه
    راااااااااااائع كازهور الوادي الاخضر
  • Charming

    بواسطة Khan Ibrahim
    Good app for kids & to learn that they have leave all work when Azaan is heard.
  • البرنامج جميل جدا

    بواسطة ام إلياس
    جميل جداً
  • دوده المالكي

    بواسطة hanady11223344
    واللي ماعجبني ان اهي موب فكره سعوديه اما هيه فكره امريكيه او بريطانيا او اللي يصير ولنا بس اتمنى السعوديه تجيب لعبه من افكارها
  • عبد اللطيف فيصل

    بواسطة ابو حمد الفيصل التميمي
    العبة ممتعه بس اذا خليتو الاكل والاشياء مجاني كان تكون احسن لعبة في حياتي
  • 💋💋💋💋💋معجبة ابو يوسف

    بواسطة هبة الحلوة
    جداً رائع وانا احبه جداً ان شاء الله الكل يعجبه ولكن اذا خليتو الجوال والأكل والأشياء مجاني تطلع أحلى لعبة
  • هاذ البرنامج هوزين

    بواسطة بنت طريب