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AutoSilent automatically mutes your iDevice (iPhone, iPad) during meetings, scheduled times or at selected locations. AutoSilent shows you in the first tab the next silent event that it finds in your iPhone calendars. This tab is not intended to be used to add or modify events. To add new event just open your Calendar application and add/modify your event. AutoSilent will automatically synchronise with your calendars. When you first open AutoSilent please make sure to allow AutoSilent to get your current location and allow it to get notifications. AutoSilent synchronises with your calendars and automatically silents your iDevice during meetings. AutoSilent automatically re-sets your iDevice back to Regular/Ring mode at the end of the meeting. AutoSilent is a location based application. It can detect your current location and mute your iDevice automatically when you are at School or at the University. AutoSilent will set your iDevice back to Regular/Ring mode when you leave those places. Don’t miss an important call because you forget to un mute your phone. Don’t be embarrassed by alerts that go on while you are in a meeting. Let AutoSilent do the job for you. Calendar event is considered silent when: 1. Availability is busy 2. Not a whole day event 3. Event notes do not contain !ring 4. Event notes contain !silent Calendar Tab – This tab shows you the next meeting that AutoSilent will automatically mute your iDevice Locations Tab – Lists locations where AutoSilent automatically mutes your iDevice. You can click on any of the location rows and make modifications. Settings Tab - Calendar Silent: enables or disables mute for calendar events. Location silent: enables or disables mute for Location events. Ring/Silent Notification: Enables or disables notification alerts whenever iDevice changes its mode from mute to un mute and vice versa. Next Silent Event: Specifies the number of days to look forward for the next Silent event in your calendar(s). (Defaults to 30 days) Location Radius: Specifies the radius where AutoSilent checks for location events. (Defaults to 500 meters) Calendar: Selects the calendar to check for calendar events. (Defaults to ALL calendars) Silent Out Of Office: Silence the phone during "Out Of Office" events. Keep Mute Status: When selected AutoSilent will not change your iDevice to ring mode if it was silent before event was started. Only !silent events: When selected AutoSilent will only look for !silent events in your selected calendars. Enable ring at locations: Instead of muting the device at specific locations, AutoSilent will do the opposite and unmute your device. (Make it ring) Mute on WiFi network: put _all for all WiFi networks or the WiFi name that will be used by AutoSilent to mute your device once you are connected to that network. AutoSilent will unmute your device once you are disconnected from that network. Please note that AutoSilent will NOT start automatically after reboot of the device, so you need to start it again manually. Battery Disclaimer: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.



  • Good application

    بواسطة jowderm
    I only use timer. If location is off timer is not completing the set time. It become off before the set tome finished, and the notification number always there. I turned on location and timer work perfect. I hope it will continue working perfect.
  • Very poor

    بواسطة Ammarksan
    Simply, doesnt work. Useless, waste of money
  • It Does not work properly

    بواسطة One guy!!
    It doesnt switch automatically to Silent Mode when the calander event starts and doesnt convert to Ring Mode automatically when the event finishes .. You have to do it manually !! worthless !!