Video 2 Photo - HD

Video 2 Photo - HD

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Video 2 Photo allows you to export one or more high quality photos from your videos (and Live Photos) in a quick, fun and original way. Why would you do that? * Sometimes you hesitate between taking a photo or a video. Take a video! thanks to 'Video 2 Photo' you can now extract from your video as many images as you like! * Taking 'The' good picture of an object, animal or person that moves is almost impossible. With 'Video 2 Photo' this becomes feasible. * You have inadvertently recorded a video when you wanted to take a picture. With 'Video 2 Photo' you can finally recover photos from this video. * Taking a picture of yourself is always difficult. With 'Video 2 Photo' you can choose exactly the right image that suits you best. * You need a precise tool to export multiple consecutive photos and use them with another application. * Choose a representative picture of your best videos and put it as wallpaper or print it in order to have it always with you. * Have fun watching your favorite movies frame by frame and find the little detail that you had never seen before. Videos can be imported from your device in several ways. You can also connect your iDevice to iTunes in order to drag and drop other videos (iTunes file sharing feature). The camera can be used directly to record a video in order to extract the images quickly thereafter. An animated and original interface allows you to precisely select a picture from all the ones contained in the video. It is also possible to view the video (possibly in full screen) and to directly target a specific time. Once the image is selected, you will be able to view it (possibly in full screen), to eventually crop it (keeping the most interesting part of it) and to export it (to PNG, JPEG or HEIC files) in different ways: - archive it in the camera roll of your iDevice - send it by email - retrieve it via iTunes file sharing (or the File app) - copy it (and thus paste it into other applications) - print it - open it directly in another application supporting image import. - and even send it as a tweet or to facebook ! HD Images exported using Video 2 Photo have the highest possible resolution and quality. Their resolution being the exact same one than the videos they are extracted from (a 1920 x 1080 video will produce 1920 x 1080 images) If needed, some power user settings, located in the settings application, allows to change some parameters like the output file format (png/jpeg/heic), the associated meta-data, and some behaviors of the application. You will find the original and intuitive user interface, common to all our videos applications. These applications have been featured many times by Apple and various websites. This application can run, on your iPhone and your iPad, as a standalone application, or as an Action Extension (from the compatible applications like the Photo app). Portrait and Landscape orientations are supported in all screens.



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    Good app, but need to improve, e.g full page review option.
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    برنامج جميل
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    Very nice good to have
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    Very good
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    Very cool program has beautiful and great features
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    Great and useful app
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    The application is very simple and in the same time wonderful ! Thanks.