Basic Unit Converter

Basic Unit Converter

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This application is a unit converter for the most common measures: height, weight, area, volume, distance and temperature. Each measure has a limited number of units (up to four). Usually, thats all you need. The options may be limited, but as a result - if it is on the list, it takes no time at all. For the full list of units please see at the end of this info. Imperial units can be displayed either in decimal or native notation. The full version "ConverterPlus" has several additional measures and dozens of additional units. Features: - conversions for height, weight, area, volume, distance and temperature - shows rounded value, as well as giving the option of finding the exact value to 6 decimal points - option available to be able to see the formulas for all conversions - intuitive and easy to use AREA: acre [ac], hectare [ha], sq foot [ft²], sq meter [m²] DISTANCE: kilometer [km], meter [m], mile [mi], yard [yd] HEIGHT: centimeter [cm], foot [ft], inch [in], meter [m] TEMPERATURE: Celsius [C], Fahrenheit [F], Kelvin [K] VOLUME: gallon [gal] US, liter [l], milliliter [ml], ounce [oz] US WEIGHT: gram [g], kilogram [kg], pound [lb], stone [st]