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Sep 2017: Mark All Read November 2016: Security Improvements June 2016: Skype for Business ***** Perfect, Perfect, PERFECT!!! (Review from Canada) ***** Outstanding Must Have App (Review from USA) ***** I can stay productive without hauling out the laptop (Review from USA) ***** Great Messaging App (Review from USA) ***** Excelente (Review from Colombia) **** Best office message application (Review from India) ***** Useful App!! (Review from USA) ***** Brilliant! (Review from UK) Intelli IM is a subscription based cloud service for Microsoft Skype for Business, Microsoft Lync, Communicator Web Access (CWA), Google Talk and Google Talk Business. Intelli IM App works with Intelli IM cloud service towards the enterprises and Google Talk cloud service. * Intelli IM app and the Lite Intelli IM Service are Free. Lite Inelli IM Service provides 10 minutes of Pro Service every day. * The unlimited Pro Intelli IM Service (full functionality) requires subscription to Intelli IM service. * The subscription to Pro Intelli IM service for the first month is included with the app for Lync, OCS or Google Talk. Select the desired Pro Intelli IM service and purchase Pro Intelli IM service for Google Talk, Google Talk Business and OCS individually. For all the users of Skype for Business 2015, Microsoft Lync, Communicator 2007, and Googe Talk; Intelli IM is the application for both iPad and iPhone to make your communication and collaboration more intelligent. Intelli IM uses Communicator Web Access (CWA) protocol for CWA and XMPP protocol for Google Talk to increase the productivity and puts you in control of your communication anywhere, anytime. Application supports retina display on the new iPad and iPhone. Some key features are: * State of the art Push Notification functionality to make sure that you don’t miss any important messages even if your application is closed. * Individual and Group Messaging * Send, Receive and Manage Chat Invite to your colleagues/buddies. * Full Synchronization. As an example, start the conversation on iPad and pick it up on iPhone. * The application is always “ON” and does not time-out. You stay in touch with your contacts all the time. * Support to send Photos and edit photos. The user on the other side can be using any Communicator Client or Google Talk client including Intelli IM. For regular Microsoft clients and Google Talk clients, the Photo is sent as a web link, and the user can download it using a browser. * Universal Client for iPhone and iPad. * One Client for Google Talk, Google Talk Business and Microsoft OCS. No need to move between the clients. * Secure data exchange with the server using SSL/https. Also, Google OAuth 2.0 support to enhance privacy and security. * Share location information while messaging. * Intelligent Alert Functionality: alerts are delivered based upon your status. * Intelligent Status: status updated using the meetings information in your calendar or based upon your programmable status/note. * Contacts, Favorites and Groups views to see the contacts, favorites and groups. * See the detailed information about the contacts including the availability, note, office location, time zone and local time for the user. * Customized status and status management, change the status and enter the “note” information. Delete and Edit Status Notes * Support to show status update time * Support for Emoticons in Chat Window * Swipe Left and Right in Chat Window to get to older or new Chats. * Support to only download Photos when using WiFi * Support for Multiple Accounts * Support for Group Collapse * Friendly User Interface (UI) By using the App, you are bound by the Apple EULA, Intelli IM's Privacy Policy, and Intelli IM's Terms of Service. Please contact your IT department if you have questions regarding compatibility of this application with your IT policies. Also, review the approach, and learn more about the application and the cloud service.



  • Where is my money!!!

    بواسطة so mad lady
    It was good till they start taking my money from my master card 2 times a month without any reasons although I have 6 months subscription!!!!!
  • Hassan

    بواسطة Hsalah
    Excellent Help me a lot to communicate with my team
  • Best APP

    بواسطة walaa essa
    I really love this programm, it works perfect!
  • This is cool

    بواسطة Shmee150
    Nothing to say, just excellent!
  • really nice

    بواسطة yaropolk.lazarev13
    This app work fantastically. I used it often.
  • excellent

    بواسطة Abuzadi
    working fine with sabic
  • excellent But !!

    بواسطة solidwish2
    the app is perfect but sometimes it says server doesnt response and if it try in my PC it works fine
  • Very help full

    بواسطة Rafiq bai
  • Excellent Application

    بواسطة متفائل جددددددا
    Provide all the basic functions but it's expensive for subscription !!!