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Fake Text Message

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Spoof Text Messages App This application really enables the possibility to send spoofed text-messages. Codes for the fake texts are available for sale via In-App. You are able to define the sender of the text message by your own. Therefore you can choose every single number or name that crosses your mind. Only at the end of your text message, the original sender number will be shown. Get free Codes from our Fan-Pages: - https://plus.google.com/+Spoofmytextmessage - https://www.facebook.com/FakeMySMS - https://twitter.com/FakeMySMS How does it work to spoof a text? Here are the most important things to spoof texts summarized. Please read the following to make sure it works. Fake Sender and Recipient Sender and Recipient shouldn't be the same. This can lead to problems with the delivery. Spam Avoid same texts to the same recipient in a short time. These will be marked as spam and may not be delivered. Sender It is best to have your spoofed sender a valid number. Pay attention to select the right country. Recipient Make sure that you do not prescribe. Spoofed text messages can of course be delivered only to really existing numbers. Also pay attention to select the right country.



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