Ela-Salaty: Muslim Prayer Times & Qibla Direction

Ela-Salaty: Muslim Prayer Times & Qibla Direction

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* First Prayer Time App That Supports Apple Watch * The world’s most popular desktop Prayer-reminder app now brought onto your mobile device. With all-new captivating features, “Ela-Salaty” is the next blockbuster prayer reminder you could ever wish to have. Because our lives should all center around our relationship with Allah, not vice versa, Ela-Salaty is here to assist you achieving just that. • Prayer Times: With Fascinating, yet simple design, you have a visual of the time remaining to next Prayer. If you would like to check it for the whole day, furthermore for a week ahead, go ahead and slide down your screen, and it splits to show you what you are looking for. • Apple Watch: Knowing prayer times doesn’t get any faster than having a complication on your watch face, you will be amazed when you look at your apple watch and see the next prayer time right on your watch face, Ela-Salaty has a full support with apple watch 2.0, watch glances with Hijri date you will enjoy the full Ela-Salaty app on your hand. • Location: It barely takes you a minute to set various locations. Whenever you want to switch between them, slide right or left to change location. • Cinematic Full Athan: It is just so spiritually connecting to listen and watch a full, cinematic Athan, especially if you are missing Masjeds around you. • Reminders: Ela-Salaty is wide-awake. It notifies you couple of minutes before Athan time, so you get ready. Alerts when it is the time. And later on, reminds you around Iqama, so you better hurry up before you miss your prayer. • Themes: As the creators of Ela-Salaty, we honestly did not see it happening the way it finally did! Themes are simply breathtaking. A single tap and the screen is cleared away for graphical views, which changes according to day and night times. • Connect More: How about doing it more social? You are going to pray at a certain Masjed, and would like let your brothers know where that Masjed is, and when the prayer is going be. Go ahead, take a position for a photo .. capture it. Now you can share how the Masjed look like, with its location on the map, and time of the prayer. All of that is seamlessly accomplished with few taps. Are you considering to connect more even with your Masjed? Sure! Your Masjed will let Ela-Salaty alerts you to make your phone silent whenever you approach it within prayer times. Eager for more? No problem! Now you can organize and arrange your appointments according to prayer timings, so they do not conflict. Tap and hold a prayer, choose the calendar sign, and off you go with your appointment. • Other Features Include: •Hijri & Gregorian Date. •New breathtaking themes. •Qibla direction. •Athkar for pre-, during, and post-Prayer. •Prayer times a week ahead. •Find nearby mosques. •Time for midnight and the last third time •Prayer Times Widget with 4 styles



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    برنامج نافع
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    تطبيق رائع واهم شي لايوجد اعلانات
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    نطالب باعادة تصميم البرنامج لكي يوافق حجم وابعاد ايفون x
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    البرنامج جميل ولكن يحتاج مزيد من التطوير
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    تطبيق سهل وجميل ومرتب الله يجزاكم خير ويكتب اجركم ويجعل هالبرنامج في موازين حسناتكم يارب 🤲🏻❤️
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    Notifications are very annoying I just got more than 15 notifications for duhr
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    اجمل وادق تطبيق للاذان موجود في الاستور علي حد علمي
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