Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English- 6th Ed

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English- 6th Ed

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The new edition of the best-selling Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English is a complete vocabulary and grammar resource that will enhance your learning of English. ● Support for iOS7 to iOS9 ● Works with new generation iPads, iPhones, and iPods. The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (6th Edition) © 2015 Now with integrated Grammar, Thesaurus, and Collocations Dictionary. Improve your English with the full content of the dictionary at your fingertips: Natural English ● 165,000 corpus-based examples of natural English show words in context and how English is really used. Comprehensive ● 230,000 words, phrases, and meanings – more than any other learner's dictionary. Easy to use – easy to understand ● Definitions written using a vocabulary of just 2,000 words – the Longman Defining Vocabulary, ensuring all definitions are clear and easy to understand. Expand your vocabulary ● Frequency information on the most common words – the new Longman Communication 9000 – helps you learn them first. ● Words from the Academic Word List highlighted to help you improve your essays and presentations. Write and speak fluently ● An integrated Collocations Dictionary with more than 65,000 collocations: learn word combinations to use the correct words together, such as ‘take a test’ (not ‘make a test’), ‘heavy rain’ (not ‘strong rain’), and ‘highly successful’. ● The integrated Thesaurus with more than 18,000 synonyms, antonyms, and related words helps you improve your writing by using more precise and high level words: stop saying ‘nice’, instead, say ‘lovely, delightful, enjoyable, wonderful, brilliant’. ● Register Notes on the differences between spoken and written English help you express yourself precisely. Improve your grammar ● Avoid making common mistakes and get extra help with grammar patterns and using the correct tenses. Improve your pronunciation ● All headwords pronounced in both British and American English  PLUS ● All example sentences pronounced in either British or American English (via external links) All this makes the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English the largest resource of English available on any mobile platform. ________________________________ Application Features: ● Full content of the print dictionary ● PLUS additional collocations, synonyms, and word origins ● Guide on how to use the dictionary ● Search using wildcards and suggested words ● Predictive text in search helps you with spelling as you look for words ● Search for idioms and phrasal verbs ● Search history to help you find recently searched for words ● Support for search from within other compatible apps on your device ● Universal app for iPod, iPhone, and iPad ● Fully detailed color Retina Display images ● Bookmark your favorite words ● Copy words and text to clipboard ● Word-of-the-Day notifications ● New design and improved navigation ● Adjustable font scaling to support visually impaired users ● Saved bookmarks will be updated in a forthcoming release The ultimate learner's resource of the English language for use anywhere, anytime. Copyright: Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, Sixth Edition (LDOCE6) © Pearson Education Limited 2009, 2015



  • I don’t like it

    بواسطة Saad from jeddah
    Why It’s Not working with iPhone 7 ?!!🤬
  • Terrible

    بواسطة Airaljonah
    This app is the worst ever. Why don’t you respect people who love longman.? Missing out a lot of things and becomes so difficult. هذا الإصدار سيء جداَ
  • Crash!

    بواسطة Ziyad.job
    You can't even change user interface language!!
  • Waste of money

    بواسطة Abady90
    Waste of money, it crashes very often. Bugs, delay. This bad app should be FREE instead of 110 SAR!! البرنامج يسوي كراش كثير. اصبروا لا تشتروا لين يعدلوا البرنامج الخايس. لما يشوفوا الناس تشتري مستحيل يطوروه. There are a lot of excellent alternatives. Save your money
  • Bad alignment with arabic ios 9 UI

    بواسطة Mohanak
    The app is wrong aligned when the ios UI is arabic. The items appear on the right side in everything. Please make it right.
  • Sound not work

    بواسطة ABD12376
    New update sound not work
  • Nice but need more

    بواسطة Ahmed.sobea
    That is great app but need more additional features such as recording voices to compare it with the dictionary pronunciation
  • Extremely not Satisfied

    بواسطة Jmiai
    The previous version was much better than this version. It had Offline words pronunciation, phrases search, and auto suggestions for misspelled word. This version has nothing good except the design! Please, add the previous feature or let us go back to the previous version...
  • update it again

    بواسطة Mr-sinan
    worst update ever. the most of the features have gone .it is slower now ,and I cant hear the pronunciation without connecting to the internet 😡😡
  • New update

    بواسطة Seloooooooooooo
    Thanks longman's team for the new update.. Could you please return back the most feature i want which was in the previous version that i can search for phrasal verb .. Thanks