Emoji Keyboard Gif for Bitmoji

Emoji Keyboard Gif for Bitmoji

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>> There are more and more people chatting with friends on phone by using some social contacting apps. >>However, they are troubling with some common points. >>While greeting to stranger, don’t know what good words to accost; >>While chatting with lover, you feel the text message could not express your mood in deep; >>While on your friends’ birthdays and meets some important festivals, you don’t know to type what to send your wishes with the phone holding on your hand. * While meeting the problems above, do you know how to solve? >>It’s very simple that all you need is to click the button GET. Download this app and turn it on. You will find you fall in love with it and all the troubles above would have been solved. >> It is very simple to use this app. It could be said that although you were no familiar with iPhone, as long as you can play it for several minutes and then you could totally master this app! >>The three superiority of this app. *Firstly, in the classification module, we’d collected the most popular emoticons which had been most widely used. We’ve classified these emoticons into different types and it could save your time on picking the emoticons. *Secondly, in the new module, you can modify the emoticons base on what we have already. Of course you can create your emoticons according to your own creation and personality. *Last, in the setting module, we have a Group Switch in Group Function. As long as you turn this Group Function on, you could classify your friends who you often contact to into different types, and it could make you sent mass texts and e-mails more convenient. >>Attention, there is one point needs to be specially explained. For the users who have downloaded this app, please do not forget to check out the HELP in Setting Bar. It would guide you to add the emoticons keyboard into you iPhone and import all kinds of gorgeous emoticons. >>All right, stop here, you will know everything while playing this app. >>Contact us: >>Email: emoji_zone@163.com



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