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Screenshot Maker Pro

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  • تاريخ الاطلاق: 2013-08-09
  • النسخة الحالية: 2.5
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  • Takahiko Hatano المطور:
  • الاجهزة المتوافقة: اصدار النظام المطلوب 8.0 او احدث.
التقييم: 4.5
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This app frames your photographs or videos with such as iPhone, iPad and iMac or MacBook. Your screenshots becomes beautiful much more. There are some options. shadow, display reflection, ground reflection. and 3D background in part. It is outputted in the PNG format with an alpha channel so that it may be easy to process it by PhotoShop, iMovie etc. -You can choose background images(like Wood,Iron plate) only when selecting iPhoneX 3D, iPhone7 3D, iPhone6s 3D, iPhone5 3D. -When you fail to create the video. Please consider below. 1. Memory Problems Try Smaller movie size. and also careful about free memory of iPhone. 2. Your video is not a video recorded in iPhone? or video file is not stable. Smpro may not read some videos made in other environment for the moment. -Frames- iPhoneX Silver iPhoneX Space Gray iPhoneX Landscape Silver iPhoneX Landscape Space Gray iPhoneX 3/4 Left Silver iPhoneX 3/4 Left Space Gray iPhoneX 3/4 Right Silver iPhoneX 3/4 Right Space Gray iPhoneX 3D Silver iPhoneX 3D Space Gray iPhone7 Black iPhone7 Jet Black iPhone7 Silver iPhone7 Gold iPhone7 Rose Gold iPhone7 Landscape Black iPhone7 Landscape Jet Black iPhone7 Landscape Silver iPhone7 Landscape Gold iPhone7 Landscape Rose Gold iPhone7 3/4 Left Black iPhone7 3/4 Left Jet Black iPhone7 3/4 Left Silver iPhone7 3/4 Left Gold iPhone7 3/4 Left Rose Gold iPhone7 3/4 Right Black iPhone7 3/4 Right Jet Black iPhone7 3/4 Right Silver iPhone7 3/4 Right Gold iPhone7 3/4 Right Rose Gold iPhone7 3D Black iPhone7 3D Jet Black iPhone7 3D Silver iPhone7 3D Gold iPhone7 3D Rose Gold iPhone7 Plus Black iPhone7 Plus Jet Black iPhone7 Plus Silver iPhone7 Plus Gold iPhone7 Plus Rose Gold iPhone7 Plus Landscape Black iPhone7 Plus Landscape Jet Black iPhone7 Plus Landscape Silver iPhone7 Plus Landscape Gold iPhone7 Plus Landscape Rose Gold iPhone6s Rose Gold iPhone6s Landscape Rose Gold iPhone6s 3/4 Left Rose Gold iPhone6s 3/4 Right Rose Gold iPhone6s 3D Space Gray iPhone6s 3D Gold iPhone6s 3D Silver iPhone6s 3D Rose Gold iPhone6 Space Gray iPhone6 Gold iPhone6 Silver iPhone6 Landscape Space Gray iPhone6 Landscape Gold iPhone6 Landscape Silver iPhone6 3/4 Left Space Gray iPhone6 3/4 Left Gold iPhone6 3/4 Left Silver iPhone6 3/4 Right Space Gray iPhone6 3/4 Right Gold iPhone6 3/4 Right Silver iPhone6 Plus Space Gray iPhone6 Plus Gold iPhone6 Plus Silver iPhone6 Plus Landscape Space Gray iPhone6 Plus Landscape Gold iPhone6 Plus Landscape Silver Apple Watch Ring Apple Watch Milanese Apple Watch Classic Apple Watch Edition Red Apple Watch Edition Rose Apple Watch Edition Classic Apple Watch Edition Sport Apple Watch Sport 3D White Apple Watch Sport 3D Blue Apple Watch Sport 3D Green Apple Watch Sport 3D Pink Apple Watch Sport 3D Black iPhone5S Space Gray iPhone5S White iPhone5S Gold iPhone5S 3/4 Space Gray iPhone5S 3/4 White iPhone5S 3/4 Gold iPhone5C Blue iPhone5C Red iPhone5C Yellow iPhone5C Green iPhone5C White iPhone5C 3D Blue iPhone5C 3D Red iPhone5C 3D Yellow iPhone5C 3D Green iPhone5C 3D White iPhone5 iPhone5 White iPhone5 Landscape iPhone5 Landscape White iPhone5 3D iPhone5 3D White iPhone5 3/4 iPhone5 3/4 White iPhone5 Flat iPhone5 Flat White iPhone5 Gravity iPad Pro 10.5inch Space Gray iPad Pro 10.5inch Silver iPad Pro 10.5inch Gold iPad Pro 10.5inch Rose Gold iPad Pro 10.5inch Landscape Space Gray iPad Pro 10.5inch Landscape Silver iPad Pro 10.5inch Landscape Gold iPad Pro 10.5inch Landscape Rose Gold iPad mini iPad mini White iPad mini Landscape iPad mini Landscape White iPad iPad Landscape iPad 3/4 Right iPad 3/4 Left MacBook Pro MacBook Pro 90 Left MacBook Pro 90 Right MacBook Pro 3/4 Left MacBook Pro 3/4 Right iMac Pro iMac iMac Right iMac Left Others...



  • No for iPhone 6 Plus screen

    بواسطة M Hafed
    It does not support the iPhone 6 Plus and 6 screen...❗️
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    خوورافي Goood
  • روووعه

    بواسطة عبدالله ألغامدي
  • Mostly satisfied

    بواسطة Automn13
    Very good App
  • Thabet99

    بواسطة thabet99
  • Very god app

    بواسطة PR_iOS
    We need ad more device Like S4 And S5 And Note 3
  • رااااائع

    بواسطة Abo a
    جداً ممتااااز
  • رائع

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    رائع جدا
  • البرنامج رائع جداً

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    من افضل البرامج في مجاله لكن يعيبه الشراء من داخل البرنامج يكفي الشراء فقط من متجر ابل