Quick Fav Dial 2 - The Simple Dialer for Favorite Contacts with Extra Large Buttons

Quick Fav Dial 2 - The Simple Dialer for Favorite Contacts with Extra Large Buttons

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The perfect dialling app if you want to use large photos of your favorite contacts and just call, text, or email them with a simple tap. Due to the large size, this app is also particularly convenient for elderly people, people with visual impairments, and children! This app goes beyond easy calling: with a double tap you can write a text message and with a triple tap you can write an email to the favorite contact! In addition to the first version you can also change positions of assigned contacts or simply wipe them out of the screen for removal from the assignment in the app. The design of the app is optimized for the iPhone 5/5s/5c! • QUICK AND EASY Single tap to call contact. Double tap to text (SMS). Triple tap to email. • MULTIPLE ASSIGNMENTS When you assign a contact to a position the app automatically stores the first phone number and first email address, if available. If you want to use a different number or email address, you have two options: either enable "manual field selection" in Settings or assign the same contact to another position, then the app will ask which number/email address to use. • UP TO 45 POSITIONS Forty-five positions give enough space to visually group together related contacts (e.g., family, friends, colleagues, etc. in an own spatial area) and to quickly find frequently used contacts! • 3D SCROLLING The horizontal 3D scrolling enables fast browsing through the positions.