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counter + timer v v v COUNMER™ !! have you encounter a difficulty while cooking three different meals each of them needs a certain time !! have you think how many billiard balls can your friend scores them within two minutes!! on brief ; through the COUNMER™ you can add more timers counters simultaneously . You can through COUNMER™ add four different boxes of timers and counters in detail of the following: - Four Timers - Three timers and one counter - two timers and one counter - Three counters and a one timer - Four counters " How to use COUNMER™ " Use of COUNMER™ is very easy, in the beginning Click on the + area,then menu will appear with two options, timer or counter, choose what you want and then complete the answer to the rest of the questions, the advantage of Questions is to achieve the full benefit and accuracy in your timer or your counter, after complete these questions, it will show what chosen on the full screen and then you can add another timer or counter by dragging your finger from the bottom of the screen to the top and then complete the rest of the questions as before. FEATURES:: √ Very easy to use . √ Run multiple timers & counters simultaneously . √ timer shows in minutes and seconds and fractions of a second . √ Beautiful, clean and simple design, compatible with IOS 7 . √ Six different beautiful themes : - Gradient red . - Gradient blue . - Gradient orange . - Gradient yellow . - Gradient violet . - Combination of different colors . ^^ for each timer or counter there is a color or gradient for differentiation . √ six alert sounds when your timer or counter complete the certain time . √ Shake your device to delete all timers and counters. √ the ability to add timer or counter by dragging your finger from bottom of the screen to the top . √ the ability of count up by pressing with one finger , or count down by pressing with two fingers . √ the availability of increasing or decreasing timer option upon your need. √ the availability of the timer pause at any time, resume again or refresh it . √ just 23 MBs - won't take up a lot of space on your device .



  • يستحق ال5 نجوم

    بواسطة mmof

    بواسطة COUNMR
    It is a good app for timer... Thank you Dlim for it and keep going
  • Good app

    بواسطة Essam602
    Just download it
  • جمييييل

    بواسطة العبه جمييييلة
    التصميم جميل جدا ما شاء الله
  • Counmer

    بواسطة Abdullah Suwaileh
    Amazing application , it is very useful