Mr Thorne's Grammar School

Mr Thorne's Grammar School

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Welcome to Mr Thorne's Grammar School. The first grammar app from Mr Thorne and the 15th educational app overall since the hugely successful Mr Thorne Does Phonics. This app has been created by Mr Thorne, a current UK primary teacher making it relevant and useful to children, parents, teachers, trainee teachers and anyone learning to read English. Mr Thorne Does Grammar is designed to meet the demands of the forthcoming Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar tests (SPAG) in schools. The app also includes an overall reading test to revisit all the skills taught on the app. For ages 6 to Adult The main 20 aspects of English grammar are featured alongside 4 different mini-quizzes to encourage and assess the correct usage of words and punctuation. Adjectives Capital Letters Verbs Nouns Proper Nouns Pronouns Compound Words Homophones Prefixes and Suffixes Questions Past, Present and Future Tense Plurals Adverbs Prepositions Connectives and Conjunctions Synonyms and Antonyms Abbreviations Clauses Contractions Punctuation As the user completes the mini-quizzes they will build their points total to earn 15 prestigious grammar awards from Beginner to Expert to World Class. NOTE: Mr Thorne Does Grammar is based on English grammar and as such, some of the spellings and abbreviations may not appear in exactly the same way that English is taught in other countries. For example, British English vs US English have various iterations of spelling patterns: colour / color, favourite / favorite, full stops after abbreviations Mr / Mr. However, the principles of grammar will still apply for anyone learning English. For example, a noun is a noun wherever you learn English.