Islamic Calendar - Hijri Calendar, Islamic Events

Islamic Calendar - Hijri Calendar, Islamic Events

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Quran Reading wishes you a very Happy Ramadan Kareem 2016 Islamic Hijri calendar is an iOS application designed to provide Muslims with Hijri Calendar besides Gregorian calendar. This sleek App comes up with other significant information that provides details about date and Islamic events precisely. The App comprises all Islamic events, which includes Ramadan, Eid festivity, and Hajj. Other Features include: Unique features this App comprises are followings: • Appealing and easy to use user interface • Knowing the important Islamic events and dates month wise that matters to every Muslim • Go To Hijri and Gregorian calendar as per user choice • Hadith of the day and make Muslims familiar of the crucial Hadith e Nabwi • Manual Hijri Correction Download this easy to have and easy to use Islamic Calendar to arrange your Islamic happenings accordingly.



  • Very poor app. Not working properly

    بواسطة Zeeshan Qazi
    Very poor app. Not working properly
  • Rating

    بواسطة Abokhaled10
    I find it to be one of the best calendars I have used.
  • Poor with very few functionalities ضعيف ولا يستحق الترقية

    بواسطة Hamzah017
    Very poor functionality, upgrade is absolutely not worth it. The day of Ashura is not a day of morning for the Muslims, it is a day of fasting in which Allah saved Moses from Pharaoh and the fact that Alhussain Ibn Ali (may Allah be pleasedwith him) was martyred on this day has no significance in the Muslims glorifying this day with Fasting. أولاً:- البرنامج قليل الخيارات وهناك خيارات أفضل بكثير، ومبلغ الترقية لل يستحقه إطلاقاً قياساً بلا شيء إضافي. ثانياً:- المعلومات المتعلقة ببعض الأيام المهمة في التقويم غير صحيحة، فعاشوراء لا علاقة لتعظيم المسلمين له بسبط رسول الله الحسين بن علي رضي الله عنه وهو ليس هو حزن وعزاء بل يوم صوم أمرنا به لإنقاذ الله لنبيه موسى عليه السلام في هذا اليوم.
  • Nice

    بواسطة Msobhy83
    Nice application