Vont - Text on Videos

Vont - Text on Videos

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Vont is a simple app that allows you to add text to videos. ・ More than 400 fonts are available. ・ You can install other fonts. ・ Text size is changeable. ・ Text color is changeable. ・ Text gradient is changeable. ・ Text's stroke color is changeable. ・ Text's shadow color is changeable. ・ Text's background color is changeable. ・ Text is rotatable. ・ Text kerning is changeable. ・ Line spacing is changeable. ・ Curved text ・ URL scheme: vont:// Try Phonto app, if you want to add text to photos. Phonto is a free app that is available on the App Store. -------------------------------- LANGUAGE -------------------------------- Vont supports only English (US), Chinese and Japanese, so when the priority of Chinese (or Japanese) in your setting was higher than English, Vont would be launched as Chinese (or Japanese) mode. To solve this problem… 1. Open the Settings app. 2. Choose 'English' in 'General' > 'Language & Region' > 'iPhone Language'. 3. Turn back your 'iPhone Language' to your favorite language. -------------------------------- HOW TO INSTALL FONTS -------------------------------- Using iTunes, you can copy font files between your computer and Vont on your iOS device. 1. Select your iOS device from the Devices section of iTunes. 2. Click the Apps tab and scroll down to the bottom of the page. 3. Select "Vont" in the "File Sharing" section. 4. Drag and drop .ttf or .otf font files into "Documents". 5. Restart Vont. In addition to that, you can install font files sent from other apps, such as Mail and Dropbox. - Using videos below as screenshots http://www.videezy.com/nature/180-red-flowers http://www.videezy.com/abstract/160-roadtrip-abstract-stock-video



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