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  • تاريخ الاطلاق: 2014-09-10
  • النسخة الحالية: 4.0.1
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  • الاجهزة المتوافقة: اصدار النظام المطلوب 9.0 او احدث.
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There's a Free version of this App!!! THE ONLY APP that provides offline search POI for Google Maps in the world. THE ONLY APP that provides detail address of POI in offline mode in the world. Your best assistant during travel. User Reviews: @syuzr: The map itself is good. What I was impressed was their customer care. The maps I wanted weren't on the list so I requested to add them then they were added in a few days. @Zapoh: This is an amazing app. A definite must have. Already recommended to many of my friends. @Johee: Uses this to navigate all around Berlin. Made site seeing and shopping easy. I highly recommend it. @Дмитриюс: Очень удобно в поездках особенно в пешеходных прогулках. Features: - Offline Navigation (iPhone only) - Extremely detail maps, even 3D buildings can be seen. - Wikipedia articles for hot POI in popular cities is available now! - Online routing with turn by turn directions. And routes can be saved for offline use! - Millions of offline search of POI. - Your downloaded cities will be synced among your iOS devices. - Your favorites will be synced among your iOS devices. - 6000+ cities in the world are provided, more to continue. - Backstage downloading. It won't obstruct you (to use other Apps) when you are downloading maps. - Live updating. You can still view a map when updating it. Maps are continuously added to this App. When released 1.0 in Sep 2014, we provided 50 maps(the world's most popular cities) to you, but now, we provide more than 6K maps. Please send your request to us via build-in Feedback and we'll add the maps for you as soon as possible. This App is powered by Google Maps' Vector SDK, but is in no way associated with Google or the official Google Maps application.



  • رائع بمعنى الكلمة

    بواسطة عــــدن
    افضل برنامج ملاحة
  • These people are Theifs the app is too bad and useless, i need my money back

    بواسطة Ihabms2010
    Useless, i need to cancel the order. these are theifs.
  • Google off line maps

    بواسطة GpsUser19800022
    This app is Very very very bad.
  • 👎🏼

    بواسطة m3a4
  • برنامج مضروب

    بواسطة Mosabnasser
    لاحد يحمله خسارة على الفاضي صراحة ماتوقعت قوقل تطلع شي بايخ زي كذا ....
  • exciting program

    بواسطة samirco
    Very useful
  • Worst ever application

    بواسطة Dr.Hakami
    U cant navigate !!! U cant choose routes !
  • riyadh

    بواسطة fahad mo
    البرنامج نصب واحتيال لايمكن تحميل الخريطة فقط انتظار التحميل اطالب بإعادة مبلغ الشراء
  • Google off line

    بواسطة معتوق
    It is not right off line application
  • aboood

    بواسطة aboood--
    نصيحه لا تشترونه لانه مايعطيك الخرائط كامله تختار مدينه معيّنه وتحمّل خريطتها