TPN and Tube Feeding - Nutricalc for RDs

TPN and Tube Feeding - Nutricalc for RDs

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The simplest one-stop shop for clinical RDs. Designed by the experienced RDs at Stanford Hospital and Santa Clara Valley Medical Center to bring all nutrition support needs into the palm of your hand. Easily saves 10+ minutes per patient -- seriously, an RD's best friend. Based on daily routines across all types of patients, we jammed EVERYTHING we need into just 3 simple screens. We've thoroughly tested the app in our own daily routines over the past year, and can't imagine not having this app anymore. We've double-checked calculations many times and automated everything including tube feeding formulas where possible, so you don't have to. Screen 1: Quick Nutrition Needs -- Quickly determine BMI, IBW, kcal needs (both MSJ and Penn State, for on or off ventilation), and protein needs. Easily account for stress factor and protein multipliers. Screen 2: Instant Tube Feeds -- Determine total volume, kcal, gm protein, %kcal protein, gm CHO, %kcal CHO, and mL free H2O in literally seconds. Screen 3: Parental Nutrition (TPN) calculator -- Input rate and duration, and either grams or percentage dextrose/amino acids/lipids to determine total volume, kcal, gm protein, gm CHO, GIR, and gm fat/kg. Works for both 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 methods. We made this app to fulfill our own biggest painpoints, but after realizing how indispensable it's become to us, we hope it's helpful for others now too. Feedback from clinical RDs is welcome! Just tweet us @NutricalcApp