Feeling Good: positive mindset

Feeling Good: positive mindset

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وصف التطبيق

Let these audio tracks guide you into using the science of body and mind to find and build your strengths and resources. In this way you can break free from the cycle of worry, low mood and depression. This is a positive psychology programme based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). The tracks in this app combine deep relaxation with resilience techniques from Olympic sports for mental clarity and focus in everyday life, helping you bounce back from stress to cope more easily – with everyday challenges or major life events. This is Positive Mental Training. Positive vision helps athletes reach their best performance and all of us can benefit from a positive vision of the future. Positive Mental Training has been used to help recovery from stress, depresson and anxiety in the NHS in Edinburgh for 12 years, and used by doctors & nurses for their own wellbeing and resilience, as well as for their patients. Scientific studies have shown that listening to these relaxing audio tracks, as recommended, rapidly improves sleep, lifts mood, decreases worry and burnout and increases mental wellbeing & resilience. The app is free to download and comes preloaded with several helpful tracks (mindfulness, body relax and confidence boosting tracks) to help you quickly feel the benefits of listening. The complete Positive Mental Training programme has 12 tracks, each 18 minutes, which can be listened to as a course or dipped in and out of as needed. There is a progress button to track your journey and you can set up listening reminders in your calendar. Listening to this app is not a substitute for medical diagnosis, advice or treatment.