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  • Biggest fraud application

    بواسطة Mohsinbhai Tijoriwala
    Please do not installed this application. For free 3 minuets it will work fine after that ones you will refill the amount it will stopped working the application. Then you have to run after the help centre and they have only one answer “our technical team is working on that issue and they will come back to you”. So please guys don’t create any account on Rinboo. I am requesting App Store to please block this application on the App Store.
  • Apps keeps on crashing

    بواسطة Maxthedevil
    This fu***ing apps keeps on crashing constantly on iOS. From beginning i was disregard this bug and was hoping might be improve on next update. During the need of the app or use of the app it crash and keep crashing constantly even after restart of the device!!!
  • Keeps crashing

    بواسطة mimPK
    It keeps crashing, crashing and crashing
  • Not working

    بواسطة wmgom3a
    What’s wrong with the application ? It is not opening at all !!!!! This is a kind request to refund my credit .
  • Good call quality but very high price

    بواسطة AndroidNovice
    Very expensive when compared to other providers. Also exchange rate is kept very high
  • Be careful

    بواسطة Kripalsinghjadon
    Voice quality was good and then I recharge with 5$ and till one day it was good . But I am not able to open the application it self . So pls be careful ,it could be fraud .
  • Nice

    بواسطة Vijayanbanu
    Great call quality @ best call plans
  • Good

    بواسطة Noushadferoke
    Best quality