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World Phone

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  • تاريخ الاطلاق: 2015-07-16
  • النسخة الحالية: 3.2.8
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  • الاجهزة المتوافقة: اصدار النظام المطلوب 10.3 او احدث.
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وصف التطبيق

World Phone provides you with clear and reliable voice calling. You can make and receive great quality calls worldwide at great rates. Try World Phone now and call family, friends and colleagues for free with our App to App calling feature. Key features: Clear and Reliable voice calls – World Phone intelligently routes your voice calls over the high quality phone networks to give you the most reliable, clearest calls possible. Text-searchable Virtual Voicemail - easily navigate, search and manage your voicemails. Listen or read your messages and call back contacts directly. Easy contacts – Don't wrestle with separate contacts lists. World Phone integrates simply and seamlessly to your iPhone's existing contacts! You can even make a World Phone call from within the native Phone App's or Contacts App's contact lists. Be Local™ – Effortlessly rent a local number, in-app, either for travelling or for speaking with distant contacts and/or relatives. Numbers available in more than 70 countries! World Phone now supports full screen incoming call notifications, call waiting, call hold, recents integration and more. High-performance OPUS codec support: State-of-the-art voice encoding, with ability to survive low-quality wireless data connections. In regular conditions it delivers near-CD quality audio, App-to-App. Full media encryption support: Now encrypting call media using high-performance SDES/ZRTP cryptographic standards Gorgeous, high-performance UI / UX: We’ve optimised the user interface, delivering far better performance. “Buttery smooth” on iPhone 5s and later devices. Uses latest iOS 11 design language. Improved Accessibility: Broader support throughout the App for larger Dynamic Type text sizes. World Phone delivers an amazing telephony experience - try it today!



  • Not reliable

    بواسطة Elise Speirs
    Had for about 3 years now. Very glitchy and not reliable. Sometimes fantastic but that’s been the exception. Has not worked at all in past month despite repeated emails to tech support. I have about $25.00 credit and would like to be able to use it.
  • A Great App

    بواسطة Zafrani Khan
    When i see first i feel very happy because i found much free international minutes. So It's amazing
  • India calling is not covered

    بواسطة HadiBaig
    It is very bad application . I cant call india it is showing an add for india but is not working
  • Bad service

    بواسطة Srf007
    Dont want give a star even because they are lier
  • Riyadh

    بواسطة Esam Alfaqih
    I shipped the balance and then to what runs the program with me Nerjhomenkm respond in troub...
  • Very bad

    بواسطة محمد المنبري
    It's very bad application, they take take the money and work for one day and hinging for all the rest of your period
  • Fake and cheating application

    بواسطة Ahmad11412
    Already buy minutes withe apple purchase but not activated, sent many emails they says send us a a prove that you purchase minutes, send to them and forwared the reciept they answer reciept not valid Apple must remove this application from the store and worn customers not to deal with
  • Riyadh

    بواسطة حسام الحامد
    The program you delete the program and I want to be activated again and does not accept activation Broken Please rectify the problem phone number 00966535519707
  • نصابين احذروا هذا البرنامج

    بواسطة Ftoot
    بعد الاشتراك في الباقة اللامحدودة يفصل بعد يومين وإذا مسحته ماعاد تقدر ترجع بنفس الرقم والباقة اللامحدودة يحكمها استخدام عادل مقداره ٢٥٠٠ دقيقة ولو اخذت جزء من الدقيقة تنحسب عليك دقيقة
  • نصابين حراميه

    بواسطة المسافرررررررر
    نصابين. اولاد كلب انتبهو. بإجماعه لأحد يشتري